Axel Kicillof participates in the meeting with the Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán
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Axel Kicillof crossed this Sunday to the former Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, who objected in a recent interview to the role of Cristina Kirchner in the negotiation with the International Monetary Fund. “It was unfortunate. I did not like anything”, replied the Buenos Aires governor about those expressions.

Guzmán had pointed against the role of the vice president and the internal problems in the pro-government coalition in the negotiation to restructure the debt for US$45,000 million. “Cristina cummed and that had implications for all the management that came later,” he said in statements to Neural FM.

Kicillof responded this Sunday. He opined that “the negotiations were misguided from the beginning.” “This agreement is bad. Probably any agreement with the IMF is bad. But they tried to show otherwise”, he stated radius at 10 the provincial president.

The governor and former Minister of Economy (2013-2015) admitted that he did not listen to the full report given by the disciple of Joseph Stiglitz, he said that he saw fragments of the interview, but even so he expressed his displeasure with the content and described it as “regrettable”. . “I didn’t like it at all,” he said.

As it was a political loan, it should have been plantedor”, reproached Kicillof, who pointed out, in this sense, that “the appeal to the usual rules” of the International Monetary Fund did not correspond.

Axel Kicillof participates in the meeting with the Minister of Economy Martín GuzmánFabian Marelli – THE NATION

The provincial president stated that “there were certain points on which work was done and no progress was made” and mentioned “the term “to cancel the debt” and the surcharge”, which now the Government insists on discussing in the middle of the negotiation.

“Our government cannot stop to say that this can be solved, because that is precisely the problem. Until you get resources to get the Monetary Fund off your back, it won’t be solved, ”she deepened.

In turn, Kicillof questioned the form chosen by Guzmán, a letter via Twitter, to resign from the government of Alberto Fernández and stressed that it was “an event that produced enormous instability.” “I don’t know if voluntarily or involuntarily. He said it was to prevent a bigger bullfight, but he certainly didn’t make it.”, he blamed.

Guzmán said that the vice president had an important role in the negotiation with private creditors. However, in dialogue with Alejandro Fantino on FM Neura, she stated the opposite regarding the IMF. “Four days before the agreement, all lines of communication with Cristina are cut. They didn’t answer my phone. When the people elect you to govern, you have a responsibility, regardless of the problem you have to face, ”she said.

Martín Guzmán defended the agreement reached with the IMF.
Martín Guzmán defended the agreement reached with the IMF.Rodrigo Nespolo – THE NATION

The former minister emphasized that US$45 billion was owed to the IMF and that there were only two options: agree or default. “If the IMF had given me the conditions that the previous government accepted, I would have preferred default. The agreement that I reached is unprecedented in history, it did not imply the removal of rights, the shrinking of the State, it prevented part of the potential damage so great that the previous government left from materializing ”said.

The former minister was very graphic when describing the options that were presented to him in those days when Cristina did not answer the phone. “There is a bucket of shit and another bucket of shit, and the minister has to put his hand in one of the buckets of shit and that’s what there is,” he said.


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