Baby dies of acute anemia;  His parents said that he had choked on a tortilla
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In the case of the girl Kimberly “N”, only eleven months old, reported dead by her family because a tortilla she was eating got stuck, in the city of Guamúchil, Mexicoin the municipality of Salvador Alvarado, the expert opinions carried out by the State Attorney General’s Office revealed that his death was due to acute anemia.

Sara Bruna Quiñonez Estrada, State Attorney General said that in this event it is obligatory to open an investigation folder to establish responsibilities regarding the adults who had the minor under their care.

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He admitted that initially it was assumed that the death of this little girl, only eleven months old, had resulted from natural causes or an accident, but the studies of the expert opinions carried out revealed that the cause was acute anemia.

child maltreatment, widespread

Last Friday, the Red Cross was notified of an accident with a small girl, in a house in the Diez de Mayo neighborhood, in the city of Guamuchil, in Salvador Alvarado, The version was that her mother had fed her a flour tortilla and that she had drowned in an oversight.

The paramedics who responded to the call of the mother of the little girl, named Aurora “N”, to When they appeared, they verified that she had no vital signs, so they notified the State Attorney General’s Office of her death, whose forensic experts carried out studies and determined that the cause of her death was acute anemia.

Given the fact and the history that deprives the mother of previous complaints of neglect of her children and mistreatment, the Municipal Family Comprehensive Development System took into custody a little brother of the victim who was only one year and ten months old, while the legal situation of the people who had them under their care is defined.

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