Back door

Have you ever thought about how many things you used to communicate and today you don’t even miss it? We don’t realize it, but our communication has evolved so much that one day we will overcome speech! And then, in the evolution of the species, we will be born without a language — which is perhaps a bad loss for other aspects of life, isn’t it?

But let us stop digressing to finally talk about what is finite. That kind of communication that has lost its meaning, its importance, its life. The following is our list of “Here lies…”

Here lies the pen

She didn’t die completely, it’s true. Incidentally, she cannot be veiled either because she still survives with the help of devices in almost every house in the world.

In some places it is even possible to see her well, healthy and willing as in registry offices, schools, Banco do Brasil… But inside a bag, in a wallet, she died suffocated, leaving only her permanent stains.

A sadness if you think that we wrote so much… Today, we don’t even know our own handwriting!

Here lies the landline

Who still keeps a line, is probably because they didn’t deny the odious combo of some operator. But the end of the landline came without any goodbyes. No one will ever know what happened to the ice truck stopped at your door… One of our first (and in this case, wonderful) fake news.

Here lies the telegram

Before, my dears, bad news arrived in the mail and came in 2, 3 lines at most. A great time for anyone who hates textão. The telegram, for those who don’t know, was a thin paper stapled to a brown envelope, containing information that would make you sit down, cry or throw yourself out the window. Rarely has a happy birthday made you smile. It was just sadness.

Here lies the business card

This is a death to be celebrated. A dangerous and tree-destroying communication. It was a rectangular piece of paper with the name, role, company, address, phone number and delivered in person. Most of the time this paper went to the trash without even being torn! It was definitely a time when no one kidnapped anyone, simply because it was too easy. They left it to do that when the information started to be encrypted.

Here lies the letter

Oh! One of the most romantic things in life was also one of the most difficult. The letters died. It is sad, but its end was expected by all. It was a lot of work. One of the worst moments in life was when a friend told you that he would live abroad. Just thinking about the time you would waste writing down everything that was going on in your life, then sending it and waiting for the answer… It was better to lose your friend. But without them, Fernanda Montenegro would not have been nominated for an Oscar and Porta dos Fundos would not have made this sketch!

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