Back problems keep Eli Iserbyt sidelined for several weeks, cross over mountain bike world cup and first road races

© Pauwels Sauces – Bingoal

Eli Iserbyt (Pauwels Sauzen – Bingoal) will be out of competition for several weeks due to a back injury. The West Fleming will therefore certainly miss the mountain bike World Cup round in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic, and his first road races.

“After the past cyclocross season, Eli Iserbyt’s first back problems arose during the preparation for the summer program”, it sounds in a press release from Pauwels Sauzen – Bingoal. “Despite treatments, the back pain continued to return and unfortunately became so severe last Sunday with his debut in the Mountain Bike World Cup in Albstadt, Germany, that Eli dropped out of the competition prematurely. Afterwards, he did not travel to Nove Mesto in the Czech Republic for the next World Cup competition, but Eli returned to Belgium for medical examination.”

Thanks to those investigations, Iserbyt finally knows where the problem lies. “An MRI scan showed a lesion on the lower back. That causes a lingering inflammation,” says Iserbyt. “The most important thing is that the doctors have assured me that everything will be fine with rest. In the coming period I will therefore reduce the training sessions considerably and I will be out of competition for a few weeks in both MTB and on the road. How long exactly, I don’t know yet. But I do expect it to take a while. Only when the pain is completely gone will I return to competition.”

Eli’s mountain bike plans are being thrown into disarray, but the injury is no drama for the upcoming cyclocross season. “We still have time. This is a moment when I have to listen to my body and put everything on hold for a while. I’d rather rest a little longer to let my body heal completely, than let this drag on until just before the start of the motocross season.”

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