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At the plenary session of the European Parliament, regarding Hungary, the MEP representatives evaluate the fulfillment of the 17 commitments that the Hungarian government made in order to get access to EU funds.

It is Balázs Hidvéghi, Fidesz EP representative in Strasbourg Euronews told his correspondent that “very productive and very constructive negotiations” took place between Budapest and Brussels in recent months. He stated that the goals of the Commission and the Hungarian government are the same.

In fact, Hungary has had very productive and very constructive negotiations with the European Commission in recent months, with the aim of meeting the European Commission’s demands regarding corruption and the protection of EU resources and EU money. There is no disagreement. We have always shared the view that EU funds should be protected and if we can do more for this or to fight corruption, we are ready to do so

he declared.

They attack the government of Viktor Orbán maniacally

At the same time, the representative believes that the European Parliament is maniacally attacking Viktor Orbán, and “they don’t want the Hungarians to receive money either, because their ideological mission is to attack right-wing governments.”

He added: if the EU institutions are serious about protecting the rule of law and the related conditions, then the proceedings against Hungary must be completed.

Hungary has adopted a number of measures specifically requested by the European Commission. We have created a new institution to supervise the spending of European funds. We already had several such institutions, so we did not necessarily consider it necessary, but we accepted it in the spirit of compromise and goodwill

– said Balázs Hidvéghi, according to whose point of view Hungary has shown goodwill and a willingness to cooperate, and this is particularly true of the Hungarian Prime Minister.