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Ball Possession #226

Ball Possession #224

Corinthians leads the Brasileirão after five rounds played, while the teams that were considered the main favorites at the beginning of the season, Atlético-MG, Palmeiras and Flamengo are irregular in the first games, with Galo occupying the sixth place, while the others two clubs occupy the 13th and 14th positions.

In the Posse de Bola #226 podcast, journalists Arnaldo Ribeiro, Eduardo Tironi, Juca Kfouri and Mauro Cezar Pereira analyze what is surprising at the beginning of the Brazilian Championship, the criticism of coach Paulo Sousa at Flamengo, the return of Jorge Jesus to Portugal, the Palmeiras stumbling at home, São Paulo coming back with a point from Fortaleza and Santos runner-up.

Mauro Cezar does not see the start of the championship as something surprising, highlighting that part of the press itself created the expectation even before the championship started and the current season is atypical due to the tighter schedule than it usually is.

“I don’t think it’s surprising, I think we’re the ones who create the press with this very annoying habit of wanting to guess the future before starting the championship and already have to elect the candidates”, says Mauro Cezar.

“Even in the schedule that we have been talking about every day, a schedule that is heavier than usual, a much longer sequence of games, many players who will be injured, out of combat, without their best condition, which evidently generates a balance and the one who knows best how to work with it will do well. In fact, it will be a championship, apparently, very leveled to the bottom”, he adds.

Regarding Palmeiras, Mauro Cezar considers that the script of Abel Ferreira’s team is being repeated in the running points, with the team getting further away from the fight, while doing well in the knockout, which is not surprising.

“Palmeiras will do more or less what André Rocha has been saying, they will turn, everything indicates, to the knockout stage and in a while there will always be an excuse ready for Abel Ferreira, who is ‘I’m very far from the leader of the championship ‘. He doesn’t say that, but it’s embedded in the reasoning, ‘then we’re going to the knockout.’ Because he can’t do a good campaign”, says Mauro Cezar.

“It’s no surprise that Palmeiras can’t make a compatible walk in the running points. Yesterday, when it was 0 to 0, Fluminense had the opportunity to open the score, even, the game wasn’t Fluminense just defending, without creating anything and Palmeiras on top. Palmeiras attacked, attacked, sought, scored, but before that Fluminense also had chances and could have made it 1-0 even without having control and greater volume of play, and still went for the tie later “, complete.

Arnaldo Ribeiro, on the other hand, considers the start of Atlético-MG to be more surprising, since they failed to add points in the last three games, drawing with Coritiba at home, when they were winning 2-0, and with Goiás away, when they were also in advantage, before losing to América-MG, while Flamengo shows itself below what it could physically.

“About the rich who didn’t score, for me it’s not surprising, but I expected a higher score for the clashes that Atlético-MG had at that moment. I think Palmeiras and Flamengo have also disappointed in several points, I see Flamengo with a great difficulty in this matter of injury and physical preparation, the team in addition to losing m play or two in each game, for me it was evident that physically Botafogo looked like another team in relation to Flamengo, in the second half Botafogo was left physically”, concludes .

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