Ball Possession #236

Corinthians and São Paulo join Palmeiras in the first three positions of the Brasileirão, with the team led by Vítor Pereira maintaining the runner-up position after the victory over Juventude at the Neo Química Arena, while Rogério Ceni’s team rose by beating América-MG. in Morumbi.

On the Possession of Ball #236 podcast, Juca Kfouri states that Corinthians and São Paulo, despite their current positions, do not show confidence that they can finish the Brasileirão among the top four, considering the football that the teams play.

“Neither Corinthians nor São Paulo give the slightest assurance that they will even finish among the four, Palmeiras gives every indication that they will do a much better championship than the others”, says Juca.

The columnist of UOL agitate that Corinthians finishes very little in the opposing goal, which was repeated against Juventude, on Saturday (11), in addition to having depended a lot on younger players.

“Corinthians even played a beautiful first half against Juventude, but they don’t shoot on goal, they won 2-0, but they only hit three balls between the posts, that’s a problem. , makes triangulations, insinuates, but doesn’t nail”, he says.

“Actually, he has been saved by the kids, by Adson, by Du Queiroz, by Mantuan, these are the ones who have appeared at the time and guaranteed the victories for Corinthians, when it’s not Cássio”, he adds.

In the case of São Paulo, the journalist draws attention to the difficulties that the team presented against América-MG and considers that the score in the first stage could be broad in favor of the Minas Gerais club.

“It had been a long time since I saw a team being as massacred as São Paulo was until Luan got hurt. There are those who doubt that he got hurt, they think it was really a tactical solution by Rogério Ceni to correct the mistake of the lineup , so much space São Paulo gave to América-MG. If América-MG had a little more competent finishers, they would go to halftime with at least 3-0, it was a massacre”, he concludes.

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