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With this Thursday’s games (24), all 32 selections have already debuted in the World Cup. Among the favorites, Brazil, Spain, France and England debuted winning their matches and leading their groups.

At the Ball possessionprogram that UOL Sport aired daily at 6 pm during the World Cup, columnists José Trajano, Casagrande, Juca Kfouri, Arnaldo Ribeiro and Mauro Cézar Pereira commented on the start of the World Cup and who emerges as favorites to win in Qatar.

“For me, Brazil was the best. They didn’t take any risks, they created several situations, they scored 2-0 and could have done more. The others did well, but opponents were weak or with a game strategy that made things easier”, opined Mauro.

Juca Kfouri also highlighted the difficulty of the first Brazilian opponent. “Brazil played the game against the most difficult opponent of the first round. I would say that in this aspect, the best debut was by the Brazilian team. Although the best spectacle was the ‘vertical tiki-taka’ from Spain”.

For Casagrande and Arnaldo Ribeiro, Spain was the one that demonstrated the best football in the first round. “He lay down and rolled, beautiful goals, a move with a lot of movement and the whole game in the same way”, said Casão. “Of course, now she will have Germany, she will be put to the test, but the one that impressed me the most was Spain”, completed Arnaldo.

Juca: ‘It was Brazil’s best World Cup debut since 1970’

Present at the Lusail Stadium, stage of Brazil’s victory against Serbia, Juca Kfouri highly praised the Brazilian performance against the Serbs and said that it was the best debut of Brazil in World Cups since 1970, when Pelé and company thrashed Czechoslovakia by 4 to 1.

Arnaldo praises the selection’s ‘bold system’

Commentator Arnaldo Ribeiro approved of Brazil’s offensive formation, which included Vinicius Júnior alongside Neymar, Raphinha and Richarlison, who scored the two goals in the match. “It was a good presentation. This more daring system worked. It will be very difficult to get this trio out of the way”.

Trajano exalts Richarlison’s volley goal: ‘In the history of the Cups’

José Trajano praised Richarlison’s volley, the second in the victory against Serbia, after Vini Jr.’s trivela pass. He said that, due to its beauty, the goal is already in the history of the World Cups. “What a goal by Richarlison, a goal like that in the World Cup goes down in history.”

Could Neymar’s injury get in the way? Casagrande comments

Neymar left the field injured and his sequence in the World Cup was in doubt. Casagrande said that even if a serious injury is not proven, the Brazilian number 10 could have a problem for the next games. “As the ankle swells very easily, it interferes with training. You have to stop training, you lose game rhythm. (The problem) It’s not the injury itself, but the time you stay stopped”.

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