Banksy calls for stealing the Guess brand, which he accuses of stealing it
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Banksy “attacks” to the Guess brand, accusing the clothing manufacturer of using its “creations without authorization”, and appeals to shoplifting to return the favor, reports the site of the BBC.

“The urban art artist posted a picture of the shop in Regent Street, London, and enticed shoplifters to go there,” explains the British public media. On Instagram, the artist specifies, “beware of thieves” :

“They used my work without asking my permission, how could you be blamed for doing the same with their clothes?”

The American brand, which had used as a decor The flower thrower and announced a collection of clothes with designs taken from the work of Banksy, did not comment, but it closed the store in question and modestly covered its window with paper, for fear of overflows.

Banksy’s anonymity makes prosecution difficult

According to Liz Ward, an intellectual property lawyer interviewed by the media, Guess has made a deal with Brandalised, “who claims to have the right to market and use the work of Banksy and its productions”. And “it is not known if Banksy approved this agreement or even if he had knowledge of it”, she adds. Banksy could legitimately file a complaint for violation of his rights against Brandalised or Guess but, “given that he or she wants to remain anonymous, that may well be impossible”.

Last week, recalls the BBC, Banksy won on appeal the right to “keep trademarking one of his most famous images, a monkey with a sign on his chest, with the European Intellectual Property Office”.

The most famous street-artist in the world also revealed on November 17 that he had been in Ukraine “to create seven new pieces there”, including an “Vladimir Putin lookalike thrown to the ground by a child in a judo fight”.

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