Barbarism against priests in Chihuahua causes global outrage

Leon, Guanajuato.- The murder of two Jesuit priests inside a temple belonging to the community of Cerocahuiin the Chihuahuan municipality of Uriqueprovoked yesterday the condemnation of the whole world.

religious of the Vaticanthe UNthe Conference of the Mexican Episcopate and the Mexican Province of the Society of Jesus lamented the cowardly murder in the Sierra Tarahumara.

According to reports, five people were kidnapped and one of them, who was trying to flee, took refuge in the temple, where he was shot along with the priests.

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Authorities attribute the crime to Jose Noriel Portillo, “El Chueco”, leader of a criminal group that controls illicit activities in that region. The killers took the bodies of the victims.

Yesterday, after the Jesus company condemn the facts, Iberoamerican University of Leon joined the demand for justice.

“This is a reflection of what we are experiencing in the country, what these two comrades represent is two people of good will who have been assassinated, but in reality there are hundreds of thousands of people assassinated in the country by organizations of this nature. , let’s put it that way, organized crime,” he told A.M the rector of the Iberoamerican University of León, Luis Alfonso González Valencia SJ

“And today we live it in our own flesh with these brothers, in reality they represent many people. What we demand is justice and at the same time we join what the press release from the Mexican Province of the Society of Jesus where there is talk of the return of the bodies”, declared the priest Gonzalez Valencia.

He added that the Ibero Leon offers to add their capacities to build a society where the social fabric can be reconstituted.

“We demand a rule of law and we put our capacities, intelligence, infrastructure, etc. and our investigations to contribute to a society where there is peace with justice,” he concluded.

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rectors meet

The rectors of the Jesuit University System celebrate today in Lion their annual meeting.
In it, they will perform a Eucharistic ceremony in memory of the priests Javier Campos-Morales Y Joaquin Cesar Mora Salazarkilled in Cerocahui, Chihuahua.

In addition, they will hold a panel entitled Justice with peace and reconciliation.

will participate Alexander Paul Zatyrka Pachecorector of ITESO; Mario Ernesto Patron Sanchezof the Iberian Puebla; Juan Luis Hernandez Avendanoof the Ibero Torreon Y Luis Arriaga Valenzuelarector of the Iberian Mexico City.

They will also be Luis Alfonso Gonzalez Valenciarector of the Ibero Leon; Florentino Badial Hernandezof the Ibero Tijuana, Oscar Arturo Castro Sotoof Technological University of the Valley of Chalcoand the teacher Lorenza Giacoman Arratiaeducational assistant.


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