Barcelona would be making Piqué ugly due to injuries and infidelity scandal

Since a few days ago, footballer Gerard Piqué has been in the eye of the hurricane after Shakira confirmed the rumors that the relationship between them had come to an end. Without giving many details, the singer’s communications office clarified that her ex-partner asked for privacy.

However, the Spanish media have been in charge of investigating what led to everything ending between them after being together for 12 years and having two children in common, and apparently it would be due to an infidelity of the athlete.

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Supposedly, Piqué entered into an extramarital relationship, for a few months, with a young woman. In addition, it was said that Shakira was willing to forgive him, but it was he who decided to put an end to their relationship.

Although the footballer has a signed contract until 2024 with the Spanish team, his continuity in it would be another of his problems at this time.

Xavi Hernández, coach of the team, would have met with the defender to warn him that his role at FC Barcelona was going to have changes, somewhat radical, after his absences due to injuries and because “His extra-football activity has transcended in a counterproductive way for the interests of the Camp Nou”, asserted the newspaper El País of Spain.

According to the media, Hernández would have suggested the soccer player to leave the team. “Xavi would not have been so drastic, according to club sources, but in some way he would have invited Piqué to consider whether it was convenient for him to continue as a substitute or if it was necessary to agree on a departure before starting the 2022-2023 academic year,” reads El País .

Nevertheless, Piqué would be refusing that request. “The coach doesn’t want to risk it and Piqué knows that he is no longer a starter and a priority,” they say from the Camp Nou offices.

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