Detention in Barracks.

A 28-year-old man was arrested in barracks for allegedly directing a gang of sexual exploitation in the City of Buenos Aires. His sister collaborated with the investigators in order to catch him.

The police arrested who is accused of being the ringleader of the gang while he was walking through Regiment of Patricios Avenue and Aráoz de Lamadrid Street after a long investigative work carried out by the Capture and Fugitive Division of the City of Buenos Aires.

The place where the man was arrested.

how the man worked

According to the complaint of a woman, who initiated the legal case, the brothels they were in several places of the porteño territorybut they moved to avoid being discovered.

At least five people were dedicated to managing these places, in which sexual services of women were offered. Until now, it is believed that the detainee, head of the gang, was the one was dedicated to getting customers through WhatsApp.

Detention in Barracks.
The case is in charge of the National Criminal Court No. 2.

The detainee kept half of the money the women earnedso they were forced to work twice as long to be able to meet their expenses.

The investigation

After one of the victims of the brothels filed the complaint, the city ​​police initiated the investigation to be able to go against the leader of the organization.

Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons: “It is key to restore rights to victims”

In this way, they discovered that, in one of the homes where the sexual exploitation was carried out, the sister of the director of the gang lived. The investigators tried to approach the woman undercover to request her collaboration, but she stated that she had no relationship with her brother. However, some time later, she agreed to participate.

The relative of the detainee contacted the man’s partner, who arranged a meeting at the place where he was intercepted by police officers. A) Yes, the judge determined that he will remain in prison and held incommunicado until he is informed of the charges that will be brought against him.

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