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Today the Flower Fair officially begins and to celebrate it, there will be three concerts that paisas and visitors will be able to enjoy.

One on Calle 70 (Bolivarian sector), another in the Boyacá las Brisas neighborhood and another in the Santa Elena district. Artists and groups such as Hebert Vargas, the Aguanilé orchestra, El Tropicombo and Las Jefas del Despecho, among others, will perform.

For this wonderful event, the Police have provided a whole device to take care of the attendees.

At the La 70 event, there will be 400 policemen and women who will ensure the safety and coexistence of all. This was confirmed by Lieutenant Colonel Richard Castro, Commander of Police District No. 4. “Our National Police, from the command of the Metropolitan of Valle de Aburrá, has had a component of more than 400 police officers to accompany the security and coexistence of this event in the 70″.

The officer also made a call to the citizens, “Inviting the entire community that is going to accompany us to have all the self-security measures, that they do not bring elements other than those that will allow them to enjoy this event and additionally, so that please, if they are going to approach La 70 do it with time since we have 11 filters and that they have at hand the ballots that are arranged by the Mayor’s Office of Medellín ».

Data: For the 65th version of the Flower Fair, the National Police has planned a total of 3,300 men and women, deploying the different human and technological capacities that will take care of the 695 scheduled events.

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Photo: Police

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