Simon Nuytten.

Simon Nuytten. © DHS

Simon Nuytten (29) appeared on Saturday evening at the presentation of the Mia’s with his new coupe. The guitarist of Bazart announced earlier this month that he has been struggling with hair loss for years, and does not want to hide it any longer. “Apparently it is a social thing.”

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“Thank you, that’s sweet.” Nuytten, for example, responded to compliments from journalists about his look. Together with his Bazart colleagues, singer Mathieu Terryn and guitarist Oliver Symons, he was approached about this on the red carpet of the Mia’s, the Flemish music prizes that are awarded in Hall 12. “Everyone has seen it now. I can’t go back.”

Nuytten announced his metamorphosis on social media at the beginning of April. “I have struggled with baldness issues for seven years,” he wrote. “I’ve always tried to keep this a secret and have only dared to talk about it with a select few. I know this may sound stupid and I also know that there are so many worse things in life.”

We are now more than three weeks later. The musician says he has received a lot of response, and in larger numbers than he expected. “Apparently it is a social thing. Many people struggle with this. While it was just my intention to write this off me.”

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The comment that his bald marble is best rock ‘n’ roll, Nuytten dodged with a shrug. Other than that, he didn’t seem to want to say much about his baldness. He also released the news “to avoid these kinds of questions,” said colleague Mathieu Terryn. Laughing: “And now he has flags again.”

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Have the other two Bazart members considered shaving in solidarity as well? “Then I can’t go home anymore”, Terryn responded, who has a sturdy bush. “I don’t have that choice either. But I would do the same in his situation. That is no longer taboo.”

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