Be Reborn, a new collection by Sofía Willemoës inspired by those who decide to be reborn

The renowned designer created “Magic Plants” and “Wild”, the new designs that will be the setting for this story where Silvestre, a forest-dwelling fairy, begins a journey into her interior and discovers a greenhouse with magical plants.

With focus on passion and mind, the Silvestre fairy finds there fantastic species to prepare ointments and concoctions that provide health, love and clairvoyance.


Under the moon in Scorpio, he picks up a nettle that gives him courage and audacity, rue to protect himself from bewitchments and frights, and verbena to compose an irresistible love concoction. With the powdered root of a fern, he seeks to cure melancholy and discovers that valerian, during hypnotic sleep, produces surprising effects.

On the glass, his static reflection and thoughtful gaze are radically awakened with a message that, like lightning, descends intensely from the sky in the form of an enchantment.

Little by little, the Silvestre fairy hears a melody and, obeying the orders of her spirit, goes after her. He doesn’t quite know where he is going but he knows that he must trust his instinct to rise to the human condition. As she changes form, she dances with herself knowing that she will be reborn.


be reborn represents the spirit of the times, where all of us, mobilized in some way, are reborn in a new paradigm. We come from a long journey of introspection and we are no longer the same. It is a great opportunity to be reborn in what belongs to us.

Who is Sofia Willemoës?

Argentina Sofia Willemoes founded the international design brand that bears his name in Buenos Aires, in 2009. His label is dedicated to the creation and production of scenic wallpapers, inspired by nature, with a touch of fantasy. Sofía spent a large part of her childhood in the countryside, in close contact with the nature that inspires her so much today. At the age of 28, she was encouraged to change her life to explore a new path as an entrepreneur in the world of art and design.

Sofia Willemoes designer.jpg

After developing the brand in his country for 10 years and having participated in international fairs such as the Milan Furniture Fair, Maison et Objet in Paris and 100% design in London, he decided to move to New York to finish establishing his brand in the world.

Today it has a team made up of 70% women and offices divided between New York and Buenos Aires. Inspired by mysterious enchanted landscapes, Sofía shows her artistic sensibility setting trends with sublime collections that surprise for their avant-garde and originality.


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