Beatriz Rokjes defended her husband José Alperovich after the trial:

The former senator and wife of Joseph AlperovichBeatrice Rokjes, spoke this Thursday of the prosecution of her husband for sexual abuse of a second niece, which was confirmed yesterday.

He defended it and assured that it is part of a “smear campaign” that your family lives. “It’s very hard for us,” she said.

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“I believe my husband”

Rokjes, who has campaigned for women’s rights for years and is even active in Tucuman for the cause, she assured that she believes her husband. “I have teenage granddaughters, university students, who have to live this smear campaign, it didn’t start with this. This is something else within the media and judicial persecution that we have always had, ”he pointed out in dialogue with Radio With You.

I suppose that the best thing that could have happened is the decision made by the judge, who is going to give possibility for José to tell his truth. Because he until now he was accused from all sides. There are no other complaints here, there is one that took it for granted, ”said the former senator.

Although Rokjes contemplated the possibility of having been cheated on by her partner on occasion, she strongly denied the possibility of an abusive situation.

I believe my husband. It is very likely that it was not the only case in which a man cheated on his wife, but with what I have known José for 40 years, I do not believe it, I do not believe that have abused this girl“, Held. “Definitely,” she remarked.

In that sense, he assured that in his opinion it is a persecution of Alperovich. “There is someone very interested in this not going well and that it has a lot of permanence in the media, of hurting my family,” he said.

“I have many certainties of who is behind. When this trial is over, other avenues of investigation will be opened. In Tucumán no one doubts that José could not have had this type of behavior, ”he insisted.

In relation to the judge’s decision to prosecute the former governor, he considered that “It was not thoroughly investigated.”, the complaint. “The word of feminism and journalism is very strong. That’s why I think the judge takes him to trial to give him the opportunity to defend himself, “he said.

José Alperovich was prosecuted for sexual abuse.  (Photo: NA)
José Alperovich was prosecuted for sexual abuse. (Photo: NA)

“Sometime what happened will come to light”

“Sometime I suppose what happened will come to light”, expressed Rokjes in relation to the complaint of the woman, the daughter of a cousin of the former senator.

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“We did not know this little girl and she approached my daughter, who at that time was Secretary of Youth, to work with José. We met her there,” she recounted. “There is a feminist group that is acting with everything what we were against of the attitude of men. And he is harming women,” she expressed.

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