Beijing won't hesitate to use force against those pushing Taiwan to separatism

“If someone tries to separate Taiwan [de nous], Beijing will not hesitate to fight, regardless of the price. We will fight until the end because there is only one China”, said Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe on June 12 in Singapore, quoted by the Chinese newspaper Huanqiu Shibao.

The minister seized the opportunity of the “Shangri-La Dialogue”, which brings together his counterparts every year in the city-state, to in turn issue warnings vis-à-vis Taiwan and the United States. On May 23, at a press conference in Tokyo, asked whether the United States “would involve themselves militarily” in the event of an invasion of Taiwan, the American president had answered “yes”, an answer widely interpreted as a farewell to “strategic ambiguity” from Washington.

Bad internationalization

“The Taiwan issue is a domestic matter and should not be a topic of discussion in such a multi-party forum,” comment on it Huanqiu Shibao in an editorial.

The nationalist daily estimates that the Americans and their allies

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