'Being LGBTIQ+ is not fashionable': Parents and families are guided to accept sexual diversity

Leon, Guanajuato.- Be LGBTQ+ o Having different sexual preferences is not a disease, a choice or a psychological problem and the non-acceptance towards this community comes from ignorance, stigma and prejudice.

Ángela Garza Pons, a psychologist with training in affirmative psychology of sexual and gender diversity, pointed out that homosexuality and the community in general LGBTQ+ It is an issue that can no longer be left aside thanks to the fact that, after a constant struggle, this community now has more visibility and there is more information about sexual diversity.

“It is something that has always existed, now there is more visibility and more information and there is the false belief that today it is fashionable or that it is a choice and it is not true, the only thing is that now things are named and this naming us makes them visible as a community.

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The importance of this being visible is precisely to be able to take the place that corresponds to us, by nature and by the fact that we exist like any other citizen with rights, the more information, the greater acceptance,” he said.

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They guide parents to accept preferences of LGBTIQ+ sons, daughters and daughters

Within his professional work Garza Pons is dedicated to providing individual support to people LGBTQ+ and also provides advice and guidance to parents with the talk entitled: “My son is LGBT+. And now what do I do?”

He also collaborates in the civil association Growing in Human Diversity: Yumana in León where in August a containment and support group for parents and the community will begin LGBTQ+.

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For some parents, receiving the news that their son, daughter or daughter is LGBTQ+ or that they have different sexual preferences can generate an emotional “shock” because as mothers and fathers they always have other expectations, Garza explained.

“And when it comes to seeing that these expectations are not going to be met, this is similar to mourning a loss that in the end they are not losing a child, they believe that they are, but what is lost is the expectation that was placed on the child. since he was born”, explained the psychologist.

“There are families that can go through the process alone without any kind of outside help and there are others that get more stuck due to prejudices, religious beliefs, stigmas and that is where you have to work and approach organizations and professionals,” stressed.

He added that it is very important that the parents and relatives of the person have knowledge, theory and training in this area of ​​the community. LGBTQ+because all non-acceptance comes from ignorance, said the psychologist.

“It is not a disease, it is not a psychological problem, it is an unreality to assume that we are all born heterosexual, it is important to give children the opportunity to develop naturally without putting pink or blue on them. I think that from there things would change a lot, ”she pointed out.

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