Belgian citizen becomes mayor of Tokyo district

Who said that to win in politics, you have to meet people? The story of Satoko Kishimoto, a resident of the city of Leuven, Belgium, but elected mayor of a Tokyo district, seems to prove otherwise.

This 47-year-old woman, recount DH – Sports + hasn’t lived in Japan for ten long years, but “Geographical remoteness did not prevent Satoko Kishimoto from taking an interest in the politics of his country of origin”.

Proof of this is that she applied for a post of district mayor of the Japanese capital, trying to compensate for the physical distance by her activity on the web. “Thereby, details the Belgian media, during the pandemic, the Louvanist was able to take part in online debates from the family home. One thing leading to another, the mayonnaise of the campaign took hold, the polls were more and more favorable… Until the election.”

Nobody believed that I could win… But it happened”, she said moved, immediately making it clear that she intends to take her new role very seriously.

“The first woman to hold this office in this district”

Indeed, Kishimoto is going to move to Japan, and plans to return to Belgium only once a year. Administering the district of Suginami does not look like an easy task, considering the size of this district of Tokyo, which has more than 500,000 inhabitants.

Citizens who clearly appreciated the change brought about by Kishimoto’s candidacy, which will be “the first woman to hold this office in this district”announcement DH – Sports +. A historic result obtained thanks to a lead of only 200 votes over his rival.

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