Belgium has lessons to learn from the deadly collapse of a building under construction

A year ago, on June 18, 2021, the building intended to house the De Zuidzin school in Antwerp, “collapsed with a deafening crash. The stairs, scaffolding and concrete floors have collapsed. It was one of the deadliest disasters in the recent history of Belgian construction”. recall the newspaper From Standaard, this June 16 on its front page. Five workers were dead, three Portuguese and two Moldavians.

“To date, the cause of the collapse is unknown and is the subject of a judicial investigation, the content of which is confidential. But, at the same time, the main contractor, Democo, is carrying out its own investigation, which it has entrusted to independent experts”, continues the article. However, thanks to this investigation, a letter emerged, of which From Standaard was able to find out. Two days before the tragedy, the Establis design office sounded the al

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