Belgium seizes so much cocaine it can't get rid of it fast enough
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“In 2021, customs, police and justice seized nearly 90 tons of cocaine at the port of Antwerp, reports From Standaard. A record, which is likely to be broken this year – customs expects to pass the 100 tonne mark.” Knowing that cocaine retails at around 50 euros per gram, such a quantity represents at least 5 billion euros.

Gold “this influx poses a huge security problem”, because the incineration capacities are exceeded, explains the Flemish daily of reference.

“Which makes the question of storage begin to take on incredible proportions: currently, tens of tons are waiting to be destroyed in customs sheds.”

In view of their market value, continues From Standard, there is a risk that criminal groups will seek to seize it. “According to the mayor of Antwerp, the police recently spotted suspects observing a customs warehouse using a drone.”

As the newspaper explains, the incineration of seized goods meets complex criteria: “Because of technical limits and ecological standards, we will have to install several incinerators”, explains the spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance, on which customs depend. On the side of the Ministry of Justice, it is added that these operations pose a technical problem: “The combustion of cocaine generates substances that are harmful to incinerator filters. We can, at most, treat 1,000 to 1,500 kilos of cocaine per session.”

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