Susvielles' goal celebration for the promotion goal.  He would stay for Belgrano de Primera (Federico López Claro).
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belgrano enters a week of definitions for the contracts that have not yet been renewed among the members of the squad for Professional League 2023. The priority remains Pablo Vegetti, but the versions are increasing that he could emigrate to Alianza Lima, and in Alberdi There are stipulated deadlines.

Susvielles’ goal celebration for the promotion goal. He would stay for Belgrano de Primera (Federico López Claro).

For now, there would be a Verbal agreement with Joaquín Susvielles, the other 9 of the squad that was promoted. The contract with striker Ibrahim Hesar was extended, and there was polls by Marcelo Estigarribiaanother area player who wore the Celeste jacket, and was champion with Board of Trustees in Copa Argentina.

They are indications that the leaders of Belgrano do not take for granted the continuity of Vegetti far from it. Above all because the interest of Alianza Lima is concrete. There is a principle of agreement with the forward for his salary, and the attraction in addition to disputing Libertadores Cup in 2023.

Belgrano made a superior proposal, according to the directors with a money that only Boca or River could match. What is also objected to is the duration of the contract, since Vegetti wants it for three years (he turned 34). The scorer does not respond, and no one dares to confirm anything. During the week the club made it official that Hernán Bernardello and Wilfredo Olivera, their two friends on the squad, will not continue, and it does not help for a positive response either.


So far Belgrano confirmed the contract extension of the winger Francisco Oliver and midfielder Ibrahim Hesar. News is expected in the coming days Diego Novaretti (his idea is to play in the First Division for at least six months) and Ariel Rojas. is also expected the yes of Alejandro Rébola, while for Gabriel Compagnucci and Fabián Bordagaray, two that looked like they were going to continue, no confirmations yet. Nor by Maxi Comba (the purchase option must be used with Gimnasia LP).

On the other hand, there is interest Racing Club by Bruno Zapelli, and San Lorenzo polls by goalkeeper Nahuel Losada.

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