Belsunce case: María Marta's sister also accused Nicolás Pachelo and asked to be removed from the room

In the first hearing in which the direct relatives of Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce In the third trial for the crime, María Laura accused Nicholas Pachelo for the crime of his sister and asked to be removed from the room because, according to what he said, he threatened to kill her twice.

After the declaration of Horacio, another of the brothers, it was the turn of María Laura García Belsunce. She also accused the neighbor of her and said that she was always afraid of him.

Around 3:30 p.m., María Laura made her statement in front of the Oral Criminal Court No. 4 of San Isidro and the prosecution asked the defendant to leave the room at the woman’s request. In turn, the victim’s sister also accused prosecutor Diego Molina Pico of being the “great accessory” to the murder that occurred in 2002.

Horacio García Belsunce’s statement

During his presentation, García Belsunce recounted in detail how he received the results of his sister’s autopsy. “Horacio tells me I have horrible news to give you, María Marta had five bullets in her head”, he recalled that the head of the forensic team that participated in the operation told him by phone.

“Me I could not believe what I was hearing,” said Horacio, who assured that at that time he spoke with the then prosecutor Diego Molina Pico. “He told me ‘and now what do we do’, and I told him how do we do?, investigate. We had an accident and María Marta has five shots”.

According to his account, Molina called him again after that first communication was cut off and told him He said “the family deceived me”. “He told me ‘I have to take your statement right away’ and among the things I told him, I told him about the pituto and that Jhon should also testify.”

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