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In response to this, Bence Rétvári stated that one of the human traffickers testified that the leader of the criminal organization told them to use the weapon in the van if necessary. In front of the minibus, there was a pick-up car with four people in it; there were also Turkish, Iraqi and German citizens in the car, and – according to Bence Rétvári – they were not cooperative at all, they did not open the door when called by the police, so the windows of the car had to be broken.

According to the state secretary, sometimes a real “battle scene” takes place at the southern border, because migrants and human traffickers attack the police: they cut the ladder to them, spray them with gas spray or shoot at them. Bence Rétvári also said that the Hungarian police are also working with increasingly sophisticated methods, but in order to be able to act against foreign criminals, the Anti-Terrorism Center was also very necessary in recent years.

More than 230,000 illegal immigrants were arrested

When asked, he also said that more than 10 percent of the prisoners – more than 2,500 criminals – were imprisoned for human trafficking.

This is an amazing burden in Hungarian prisons, so that is not what the Hungarian penal system was created for

– emphasized the state secretary. In total, it costs about three billion forints to house prisoners every year, he said, noting that the EU does not provide Hungary with any help in this regard.

Bence Rétvári also said on the current channel M1 that more than 230,000 illegal immigrants have already been arrested this year, last year this number was 122,000, while the year before that it was 46,000. According to the state secretary, more people may come now because the migrants know that Europe is not busy with protecting its own borders, but with the war in Ukraine.