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The platform explained that selected 25 companies as the best to work for in Colombia because provide stability in the midst of evolution, but are also capable of attracting new employees and retaining those who are already

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To make the list, LinkedIn based on the following seven points:

  1. Ability to grow.
  2. Skills development.
  3. Company stability.
  4. external opportunities.
  5. Affinity with the company.
  6. gender diversity.
  7. Level of academic training.

Bancolombia and other best companies to work for, according to LinkedIn

The social network highlighted 25 companies that, according to its data, from LinkedIn Talent Insights, they give their employees the opportunity for promotion, they do not have as much staff turnover and they have a good percentage of workers who have been working for more than 3 years.

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He also obtained data from the external job opportunities that employees may have of these companies, with analysis of “communications from recruitment technicians who receive them through Recruiter,” added the platform.

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The best companies to work for in Colombia, according to LinkedIn, are:

  1. Endorsement Group
  2. Bancolombia
  3. Femsa
  4. PepsiCo
  5. Bolivar Group S.A.
  6. BBVA
  7. Surah Group
  8. Sanofi
  9. Telephone
  10. Tigo (Millicom)
  11. Novartis
  12. Scotiabank Colpatria
  13. Enel Group
  14. IBM
  15. Claro (America Movil)
  16. Global
  17. AB InBev (parent company of Bavaria and others).
  18. AXA
  19. kantar
  20. SAP
  21. Colombina S.A.
  22. Nutresa Group
  23. Medtronic
  24. DirecTV
  25. ecopetrol

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