Best of 2022: praising curiosity
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What do toothpaste, fascia and Ahwak coffee have in common in Tripoli, Lebanon? They have been the subject of articles in the foreign press that have deeply marked us in recent months by their quality of writing, their story, their originality…

This is why we have chosen to bring them together in this best of. There is not really a common thread in this issue, simply a desire, that of sharing with you the articles that have excited the editorial staff of International mail or that you have acclaimed on our site.

The year 2022 will be remembered as the year of the war in Ukraine and no doubt also that of global awareness of the effects of climate change after a summer marked by a series of natural disasters. It is obviously discussed in this special issue, but it is elsewhere that we have chosen to focus our attention, with a view to diversity of subjects, geographical areas and registers, by favoring the pleasure of reading. And the long time.

This special issue is an invitation to travel, which will take you to the Far North (“With the adventurers of the Race to Alaska”, appeared in Hakai Magazine) to the ends of the Universe (“What if the Big Bang had never happened?” taken from Ha’Aretz), via Cuba (“Varadero, paradise lost”, an article from the site 14ymedio).

It is also a tribute to constantly renewed curiosity. It is about our gross domestic product, a wealth to rehabilitate that I let you discover (Aeon), but also the butterfly effect according to Rosalía, the Catalan superstar (El Pais Semanal), or even of the submerged world ofEndurance (Daily Maverick), this legendary boat that remained frozen in the ice of Antarctica.

Good reading !

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