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Bhavi surprised and dyed her hair black

Bhavi's makeover

Bhavi surprised in the networks with a sudden change of look, when it was shown through an Instagram post with newly dyed black hair.

After a long season with light blue and blonde hair, a color she used throughout the production of her latest album “Pochoclos”, Bhavi He finally changed his hair tone for a darker one, thus closing the stage of creating the album after its presentation at Abasto.

Bhavi’s makeover (web/)

The artist also uploaded a story on his profile, after the change of look, writing “This week watch out! I announce what everyone is asking of me”, without giving further details.

It is possible that the news is related to his tour or upcoming shows since, in a recent interview with Urban Playstated that many had been asking him when his next presentation would be, of which the only thing he had anticipated was that his tour was going to be called: “The Four Seasons of Pochoclos”.

Bhavi spoke in an interview about his new album “Pochoclos”

The Argentine singer had an interview on Urbana Play to talk about the release of his new album “Pochoclos” which is now available on all digital platforms.

The album begins with a radio “97.22″ and explained that the reference is due to his year of birth and birthday, toOther than feeling 22 as your number.

Also in Urbana Play, They took the opportunity to ask him about his history, to which the artist openly replied: “I was born in Belgium, I lived until I was eight and at eight I went to live in Montevideountil 12 or 13″ he explained, referring to his origins and confessed to having 7 brothers, being 8 with him.

On the other hand, the singer expressed the reason for the presentation of his album “Pochoclos” in an El Abasto, explaining that the idea was to close the concept precisely where the popcorn is “born”, which is precisely in a movie theater.

For me it is very important to have a point and it seemed very valuable to me to keep it for years” said Bhavi about his album, referring to the concept that he has been maintaining throughout his albums, specifically about cinema, since his previous albums are titled “Cinema” Y “Butakas EP” which has four songs.

Towards the end of the interview, the singer decided to tell a “spoiler” about his upcoming events saying: “The tour is going to be called “The Four Seasons of Pochoclos” that’s all I’m going to say.

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