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Biden admitted to the main goal of the United States all these years: Putin must go

US President Joseph Biden.

US President Joseph Biden.

A photo: REUTERS

You know, I just realized today that we are deeply mistaken. And US President Joseph Biden opened my eyes to this in his Saturday speech in Poland today. We are wrong when we think that Putin’s speech at the Munich security conference in 2007 was not heard and ignored in the West.

Let me remind you that Vladimir Vladimirovich then spoke about the dangers that the United States creates by building a unipolar model of the world for itself in the role of “king of the hill.” He said that the United States is thereby digging under the entire structure of the world order on our planet. And that the world will face the dangers that threaten the entire planet.

We then thought that they in the West did not hear this speech, did not understand. And they were wrong. And all these years, considering so, we continue to be mistaken. Like, Vladimir Vladimirovich, I warned you, but you did not heed.

All of them heard, understood and appreciated. But not that they are building an unstable system, but that the threat to the system, in their opinion, is precisely Putin. It is not cancer that is dangerous, but the doctor who diagnosed and diagnosed a fatal disease. And therefore – down with the doctor!

It was then that their efforts to destroy Russia in one way or another sharply intensified. The following year, a forced five-day peace enforcement of Georgia took place. Then the economic crisis erupted out of the blue. Walking began on Bolotnaya and along Sakharov, the “creakles” created their own Opposition Coordinating Council, “bulkism” flourished, pulling the kids to protest, Maidan in Kyiv was crowned with bloody success. One can list for a long time more bursts of crises, sanctions (one “Magnitsky law” is worth something), etc., etc.

One sentence ran like a red thread through all these events, one slogan that inspires all our “internal” opponents and enemies of Russia: “Putin must go!” They were still shouting there, who had never worked anywhere for a day, that the riot police, the army and Putin himself were supported by their taxes, that they were “power here,” but all this was a smoke screen, tinsel generously scattered along with dollar bills. The main thing was this line, which has not changed, no matter how the characters are shuffled in the deck of operetta kings – “Putin must go.”

And today, Biden proclaimed openly the main strategic task of Obama, Trump and his administration. And she turned out to be just that.

He talked nonsense for a long time. Illustrating the alleged destruction of the Russian economy, he said that the dollar allegedly costs 200 rubles, for example. He compared the Ukrainian nationalists blocked in settlements with the heroes of besieged Leningrad. It is only a pity that history did not record any Nazi humanitarian convoys that supplied the population of Donbass for 8 years, and now they are doing it even in Ukrainian cities and towns not completely liberated from the Ukrainian Nazis? Almost every time risking their lives in the process.

He also said complete nonsense that Zelensky, they say, cannot be a Nazi or indulge them, because he is a Jew and legally elected president, and his Jewish grandfather himself fought against the Nazis. In general, the grandfather on punch cards, as Biden is often called on the net, was talking complete nonsense until he reached the most important thing in his speech. But here he was clear, like a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

“Putin shouldn’t stay in power,” Biden said.

And it immediately became clear that all these years they were trying to achieve exactly this goal with different scenarios. And they don’t care about our vote. It doesn’t matter to them what and how they think in Russia about themselves and their country, because everything here should be exactly the way the Americans want it.

And grandfather Joseph Biden can no longer hold back. He repeats over and over again that he considers Putin a war criminal (although Joseph Robinett Biden Jr., even after Yugoslavia, was and still is serving time in prison for war crimes, and therefore could not have been elected president of the United States in this case), that Putin is a butcher (it would not be for the United States to give at least some kind of squeak here, even instead of a vote, because it was Washington that produced, educated and put at the head of states so many executioners and “butchers” that England, France and Belgium, taken together, modestly standing on the side).

Everything that the Americans have been doing all these past years, absolutely everything is subordinated only to this main goal, the only task. Even with China, they are not so detected, although the PRC is now their main rival on the planet. But no one, even indirectly from Washington, has hinted at the need to dismiss Comrade Xi.

China is their rival as a state. Putin is their personified enemy, elevated, not without their help, to the status of an independent and sovereign state, which he personifies in his person. And now I completely understood the correctness of the chairman of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, who said that “there will be no Putin, there will be no Russia.” No, it will remain, but it will cease to be what it has become, having survived and having survived and begun to rebuild after a series of monstrous experiments.

In vain we decided that the West did not heed Putin’s warnings in 2007 in Munich. They remembered, understood and decided to remove the figure, which began to pose a threat to them back then. And the activities of the Russian president in subsequent years only strengthened their determination. Presidents change, but the task remains unresolved, and the goal is not achieved.

Everything is extremely specific, honest and tough. And it was Biden himself who today admitted to the whole world that, although Russia is now conducting a military special operation in Ukraine, it was the United States that unleashed a real war against Russia and waged it all these years. Thank you, grandfather, opened my eyes completely.

PS The White House has already reacted to Joseph Biden’s “Freudian slip” and stated that the US President “did not mean a change of power in the Russian Federation. Of course, we believed it.


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