Agustín and Thiago, a nominee and the leader of the week.
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this wednesday was another nominations night at big brother house. In addition to the “sung” and repeated candidates, there were a debut that attracted attention of many.

The nominations are increasingly divided. It is logical: the characters that aroused less affinity between the walls of the reality show left and each time the range of chances opens up more.

Agustín and Thiago, a nominee and the leader of the week.

also appear new confrontations and, of course, new strategies. On this occasion, they were five participants that ended up on plaque.

No one was surprised that Juliana was the one that got the most votes and that she ended up nominated for the second week in a row. Other “post number” was María Laura “Cata”who had been removed from the plate by the leaders in the previous nomination.

Who will Thiago save?

Nor was it surprising that Nacho, the last survivor of “Los Little Monkeys”, appeared again on a plaque. Agustin, It has a lot of support among the public. was the fourth nominee and the surprise came from the hand of Romina, who makes her plaque debut.

Romina, the surprise of the plate.

Romina, the surprise of the plate.

Coti and Alexis were penalized for conspiring last week and received a sanction from Big Brother which was having the possibility of nominate only one person. The correntina decided for Agustin while the man from Córdoba surprised by nominating Romina.

It should be mentioned that the this week’s leader is Thiagowho this Thursday will have in his hands the possibility of save one of his companions. It is speculated that he could get out of the complicated situation Augustine or Rominawith whom he has a good relationship, but above all to the former deputy who, in addition, is very close to Daniela his “girlfriend” inside the house.

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