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I started this Wednesday by going to get my credentials to enter the stadiums, watch and work in the World Cup games. And not just the Brazilian team: I also came to pick up the Brazil x Serbia and Belgium x Canada tickets. The company couldn’t be better: the presenter of UOL Domitila Becker, producer Raquel Arriola and my master Juca Kfouri.

Today we will have Brazil’s last training session and Tite’s press conference before his debut against Serbia. Since 2017, when Tite took over the national team, I’ve always been in his pre-match interviews.

I always like to know about their emotional and psychological side before starting an important competition, tense and in which the Brazilian team will always be one of the favorites. Despite these “coup-mongering patriots” still insisting on wanting, in some way, to spoil the elections that were democratic and fair, there is, yes, a lot of expectation of the six-time championship.

With Bolsonaro, the country was in chaos and with a very bad and heavy energy. But a World Cup title will play the same role it always did: to make you proud to be Brazilian, as the fans sing in the stadiums.

I’m going to cheer for the Brazilian team to be champions, but from there to being proud of a country in which a large part of the population is a coup plotter, liar, perverse, selfish like this Machiavellian president, is another story.

This time, not even a world title will make us forget these “saboteur patriots”. A group of dangerous delusionals who are already leaving for terrorism.

It seemed amusing to see these people kneeling at the gates of the barracks, praying for their “God” to strike a blow. It looks like an evil sect when they pray, sing the national anthem and salute a tire. Now they’re texting in Morse code to heaven because they believe they are receiving messages.

It will be impossible for the national team and the yellow shirt to get rid of this pathetic situation.

This first match for Brazil is very complicated, theoretically, because the Serbian team is very technical and has a very dangerous attack with Vlahovic (Juventus) and Mitrovic (Fulham). It is a school team from the extinct Yugoslavia, which has always been considered the Brazil of Europe for the technique and skill of its players.

And there is one more representative of this school, the very strong and last vice-champion of the world Croatia, who, in addition to technique and tactics, also has a lot of fighting spirit, something very well represented by the former revolutionary ace, the philosopher Boban, who went to the war. Incidentally, Modric’s strong team is making its debut right now against the Africans from Morocco. Not easy either.

Brazil will need to impose itself through objectivity, not with grace and mockery. Argentina’s defeat to Saudi Arabia needs to serve as a lesson in the focus, seriousness and difficulty of a debut against anyone.

Brazil’s opponent this Thursday is much more team than the one that defeated Messi’s Argentina. For this reason, Tite’s team will need to pay attention at all times so as not to be surprised.

As for Qatar, I’m getting to know it now and I can’t say anything beyond what the world has always known, and that for FIFA there is no problem. I’m talking about the lack of respect for human rights, the inferior treatment of women in Qatari society and the blatant homophobia that exists here.

That’s a problem, yes. And don’t come with this talk that it’s the World Cup and what matters is the game. Anyone who thinks this way, at least, is conniving with this thought.

I was treated well at the airport, in the taxi, at the hotel. But there are some “details” that must be taken into account. I am a man, straight and white, that is, I am not part of the group that suffers from discrimination in this country.

Therefore, I am not a parameter, because I do not suffer this prejudice firsthand. But I suffer for being a defender of human rights and not agreeing with this type of relationship.

The ball really rolls here in Qatar, but there is also a lot of prejudice, and it is not possible to separate things.

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