Black Chat #71

Rapper WinniT, champion of the first edition of the Red Bull championship Frankly, he didn’t want to be an MC. He entered this universe by chance, when a person saw him rhyming in a prank and introduced him to Rhyme Battles.

In this episode of Papo Preto, he tells presenter Yago Rodrigues how entering this world was a watershed in his life. “The battle of rhymes appeared in my life like a lifeline in a raging sea. I was in a teenage phase in madness and without much perspective, I just wanted to make money at any cost” (from 5:08 of the above file).

Over time, the musician says that he realized that the space of battles was welcoming and therapeutic for a young black man from the periphery. “It is a space where you express and hear expressions, where you are encouraged to perceive the environment around you, perceive the reality of others” (from 08:54 of the above file).

Despite this, he says that it is still a very marginalized activity and frowned upon by society. “Marginalization comes because the battle is a gathering of blacks, who talk about the situation of the city, the community, we are there doing a rite of our culture, that’s why it bothers.”

“But today I see a very big counterpoint,” continues WinniT. “Culture has become currency, so it’s very important because that has become a way of working, a business medium, an exhibition window. The battle is serving as a watershed for many people” (from 10:23 of the above file).

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