Black Chat #80

In this episode of Papo Preto, presenter Yago Rodrigues talks with Bahian musician Marcola Bituca. He talks about his new work, Galo, and his quest to show people, through music, the importance of reconnecting with themselves, investigating their own lives.

The musician says that today there is a lot of talk about the freedom of black people, but that it is difficult for black people to feel free even talking to another black person. “Another extremism was created, which is the need to always be protesting being black, but sometimes the guy just wants to talk about gastronomy, because he likes cooking”, he says. from 7:39 of the above file.

“I want to talk about everything, if I say I’m a guy who came from the street, I’m a street vendor and I make music, that’s already a protest. stereotypes us a lot, saying that we have limitations for A or B, or that we are a person who doesn’t have much political involvement, when in fact you just want to be you.”

Marcola Bituca says that all work must have a purpose, even if it is not a protest. “We shouldn’t go on doing things based on what we’re going to win, without leaving any legacy or teaching for our children, if we’re going to do this it’s better that the world ends soon, what will we live for? What do we want another 100 years to do? ? That’s the question I’m asking in my songs: what do you want to live for?” (from 12:09 of the above file).

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