Black Chat #84

In this episode of Papo Preto, presenter Yago Rodrigues talks to traditional forró researcher, DJ Preta Barros, who is also the founder of Forró Sound System, which has been taking forró music and culture to the streets of Salvador since 2015. Preta raises questions about how racism and the music market whiten and erase the popular origins of this artistic expression.

The researcher says that the Forró Sound System came from an idea and inspiration in the Jamaican Sound Systems, which place loudspeakers in the streets so people can socialize. “It’s a very strong Jamaican cultural celebration. And forró is a very strong musical celebration in the Northeast. Obviously, the marketing character took away some of the popular question of forró, but it’s still strong in the countryside, it moves a scenario and a very large economy.” ” (from 5:10 of the above file).

Last year, forró was declared a Brazilian Intangible Heritage by Iphan (Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional), but Preta says that the title has not yet brought any benefit to those who maintain the origins of forró and make a living from it. “We’re happy because we got it, but maybe it wasn’t the best time for it to happen because we don’t have the budget,” she says. from 10:33 of the above file.

“We are running into difficulties in the São João parties, which in other years were extremely traditional in forró programming. The spaces are being occupied by pagode, samba, by the sertanejo. to get to the title and we don’t see a return. It ended up being just another title, it still hasn’t turned into anything.”

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