'Black Friday': 8 tips to make good virtual purchases and avoid headaches
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From this Friday, November 25, to Sunday, November 27, the sale of different products and services will take place in the country. with discounts ranging from 20%, 30%, 45% and sometimes up to 70%.

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For this great commercial day, the president of Fenalco, Jaime Alberto Cabal, has affirmed that Expectations regarding ‘Black Friday’ are high due to the elimination of the last day without VAT in Colombia. The union assured that the decision of the National Government to cancel the day that was scheduled for this December 2 was worrying.

As in the previous days, in this one there will also be discounts on technology products, household appliances, fashion, health and beauty, sports, home and children. In addition, there will also be special prices on services such as travel and even for the purchase of a home.

Tips for shopping on ‘Black Friday’ online

However, those who wish to make their purchases virtually must take into account a series of recommendations to make transactions safely over the Internet.

  • Make a list of the products or services you want to purchase and carefully analyze which are dispensable and which are not.
  • Compare prices on different stores and platforms, you can already get better deals on the same product.
  • Take advantage of the hours with fewer visits to carry out your purchases, that is, at night or at dawn. This way you will avoid congestion and, in addition, you will be able to get your products before they run out.
  • Before making a purchase, verify that the item you wish to purchase has the ‘Black Friday’ label.
  • If you are going to buy with a credit card, keep in mind that serious applications or pages ask for the CVV code (security code) before processing the payment. Be wary of a transaction that does not require this requirement.
  • When using your credit card, check your available space and avoid excessive fees.
  • Keep in mind the shipping costs, since there are sites where the discount can only be applied to the purchase of the product without including the amount for shipping.
  • It is also important to stop for a while to read the conditions of purchase, payment and delivery. In this way you will not be surprised that cause you inconvenience or inconvenience when paying or receiving your products.

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