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The PicPay payment app will offer up to 75% discount and 40% cashback on purchases made on Black Friday at its Store. The app will raffle up to BRL 200 thousand in prizes for those who make purchases with the PicPay Card on credit or debit and register on the promotion website🇧🇷 Anyone who pays slips or makes Pix with the card will also win lucky numbers.

PicPay Store is the app’s marketplace and offers more than 300 partner sites where the user can buy thousands of products and gift cards for games, delivery or transport apps, such as iFood and Uber.

To browse the stores – which include Magalu, AliExpress, Casas Bahia, Samsung, Netshoes, O Boticário among others – just click on the “Store” tab of the PicPay app. Then, just choose the desired partner and take advantage of the special conditions.

How to compete for R$ 1 million in prizes with PicPay Card?

Source: PicPay/Disclosure.Source: PicPay

All users who make purchases or payments from BRL 20 with the PicPay Card receive lucky numbers to compete for prizes of up to BRL 200,000 in the “I have a PicPay Card, I’m awarded” promotion. If made at PicPay Store, purchases will yield double lucky numbers.

With R$205,000 already drawn for 212 customers since last month, the promotion will distribute a total of 800 prizes of R$500, eight prizes of R$50,000 and a grand final prize of R$200,000 in December, up to a total of R$ 1 million. And the chances are higher on Black Friday: on November 28, PicPay will raffle 100 prizes of R$500🇧🇷

Those who still don’t have the PicPay Card can request it directly from the PicPay app – subject to analysis. The card is free and entitles you to participate in all promotions and benefits. Those contemplated in the current promotion have their names published on the official website.

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