Black Friday: tips to keep in mind when shopping online
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Just a few years ago, the idea of ​​making purchases without physically going to the stores was impossible. Today, the digitization and automation of processes and operations are a global trend and are of vital importance in the growth plans of companies from all industries that, today more than ever, are willing to collaborate with partners that provide them with technology vanguard according to their objectives.

While these new tools help manage time and save transportation and labor while trying to fulfill all online orders, many stores still rely on warehouses and factories to manage product shipments.

According to Zebra Technologies’ Fourteenth Global Consumer Study conducted during 2021, 84% of consumers surveyed in Latin America showed their preference for receiving their orders at home, instead of picking them up at the store or another location; representing 77% to the millennial generation.

Secondly, 90% of them have purchased through their mobile devices. This seems strange, but it did come as a surprise that 53% of boomers (people between the ages of 55 and 75) have started doing the same. Inclusive, 35% of the older adults surveyed commented that they had made purchases in supermarkets and restaurants using their mobile phones.

Thanks to smartphone applications and online commerce, customers can buy from anywhere and on any device, whenever they want. In this way, the operation is fragmented into multiple converging and simultaneous processes. Likewise, The wide variety of shipping and pickup options available to shoppers requires retailers to implement new strategies to simplify and streamline operations, offering better inventory visibility in real time.

The phygital experience, for example, takes the best of the digital environment such as immediacy, immersion and speed; and from the physical format, it rescues the possibility of interacting with people and the product. It is the best alternative to satisfy the demanding, hyperconnected consumer who wants to satisfy their needs through different platforms. It fits, above all, with Millennials and Generation Z and forces us to design 360º Marketing strategies that have one foot in the virtual world and the other in the real world, since the consumer is only one and interacts indistinctly in both worlds.

However, with the increase in electronic commerce and the new demands of consumers, the shopping experience ends up going through all channels and is not limited only to physical stores, therefore, physical stores must be prepared to face all the challenges that arise.


As for customers, they must be alert to the new functions and modalities of online sales so that they do not miss any purchase opportunity. If a person wishes to attend the trade, the idea is that at least with these solutions they take into account that everything they see and do in the physical store can be done virtually and receive the same or better attention, receiving their orders at time and place you want.

In the end, although we already have it very much incorporated into our daily lives, digitization continues to be a new purchasing tool. Since the arrival of Zebra Technologies in Argentina, We continue to evolve and innovate in state-of-the-art technology, so that the shopping experience is fast and comfortable, becoming an ally for retailers.

this new “shopping experience” that combines the online with the offline benefits not only the merchants, but also the recipients to get the best discounts and obtain the product they want, with the possibility of viewing a transparent inventory, without settling for what they find in the physical store and betting on the purchase of your dreams.

Sales Director of the SOLA region at Zebra Technologies.

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