Blue dollar at $400 before the end of the year?
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If we look at the chart above, the cash with liquidation is ready for a new spike, possibly similar to what we saw in July.

Going back to the blue dollar, after the last trigger in July, we had several months of relative calm, where the blue remained below $300 pesos. Here below we can see the evolution of the last months:


Seeing the evolution of the price of blue, it is very significant that it has once again broken the barrier of $300 pesos.

Both the financial dollar and the parallel show that they could have a new breakout imminently.

A dollar to $400 before the end of the year is not at all illogical. Inflation is out of control and the government cannot solve the country’s serious economic problems.

As an example, if we take as a reference value for the blue a price of between $290 and $293 for August, and we adjust it for inflation, it should close the year around $394 and $398 pesos (this is projecting inflation of 6% for November and December, which could be higher).

On the other hand, we must remember that many people in recent months decided to bet on the fixed term, after the government raised interest rates sharply.

If the blue begins to rise again, it is possible to see a contagion effect that generates a parallel dollar trigger, where many investors decide to leave the fixed term and reposition themselves in dollars.

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