Electricity rates will rise in November 2022
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What are financial dollars?

The reference retail exchange rate, which is controlled by Central Bank (BCRA), closed the day of Tuesday at $162.88 for the purchase and $171.52 for the sale.

“Although the inflation was again less than expected, it was not enough to improve expectations before a market which looks with increasing concern at the transition to 2023. The drop in international reserves and manifest stress in the debt in pesos put pressure on currency gap who returned to the center of the scene. Even though that him central bank (BCRA) continues to accelerate the pace of devaluationthe jump of the financial dollars in the last week led to the currency gap to the highest level of the last month”, indicated from Cohen Investment.

This Tuesday the Central Bank (BCRA) closed the trading day with a slightly positive balance of interventions in the official exchange market. It was raised just US$1 million on the US$266.3 million traded in the cash segment during the day. In this way, he adds three days out of the fifteen that he has in the month in which he manages to close with some marginal purchase.

What happened to the reserves of the Central?
What happened to the reserves of the Central?fernando massobrio

After a long weekend due to the National Sovereignty Day holiday, the Parallel dollar closed Tuesday’s exchange round at $308. They were two pesos more than last Friday’s close (+0.6 percent).

The influencers American Mía Andrade visited Buenos Aires and published, through her TikTok, a video in which He showed everything that was purchased during his stay. Immediately, it generated a wave of comments from users who criticized it for making fun of the economic situation of Argentina. in dialogue with THE NATION, The tiktoker clarified that at no time was it taken as a joke andl inflationary context from the country.

A foreigner visited Buenos Aires and showed everything that can be bought in one day

is the badge controlled by the Central Bank (BCRA), which has two channels, retailer and wholesaler. The retail is the reference exchange rate, which is taken as the basis for calculating other market prices. The wholesaler, on the other hand, is the quotation of reference in the foreign market.


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