The economist Ricardo Delgado
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The bitcoin Dollar, also called crypto dollar either stablecoin (considered that way because of its parity with the dollar), its value fell. on the platform goodbitDAI can be purchased at $307.33.

On Monday’s show LN+, Ricardo Delgado made an economic analysis of the current situation in Argentina and referred to inflation as “a beast that has changed shape.” On the other hand, he gave recommendations to calm the rise in prices and prevent them from continuing to rise: “I would not say to make an anti-inflationary program, because the Government is not in a position to attack this beastbut at least to do damage containment to prevent it from spiraling”.

The economist Ricardo DelgadoArchive – Hernan Zenteno

It is a tool to encourage grain clearance by agricultural producers. It appears as a new option valid only during this month and is trading at $200.

The Government reduced the amount to bring merchandise from abroad with a mail service (courier). As of this measure, the maximum amount that Argentines will be able to spend when bringing private items into the country through “door to door” will go from US$3,000 to US$1,000.

The regulation affects purchases made on Amazon, Alibaba and foreign websites
The regulation affects purchases made on Amazon, Alibaba and foreign websites

From the latest Indec report it emerged that the basic basket for a family of four it was $119,757 last month, what represents an increase of 7.6 percent, a figure that also exceeds the average monthly inflation announced by the agency (7 percent). In the interannual evolution, the cost of the total basic basket (CBT) registers an increase of 75.2 percent. And in absolute terms, the basket in 12 months became more expensive by $51,398.

The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) bought US$324 million on Tuesday to increase its reserves. In this way, so far in September the entity made US$3,970 million. For its part, the soybean dollar contributed US$412 million.

The Central Bank bought US$3.97 billion so far in September

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