Blue dollar today: how it trades at the opening this Tuesday, May 10

The Dolar blue operates in $198 to buy and $202 to sell at the beginning of this Tuesday, May 10, 2022. Thus, the parallel US currency remains above $200.

The gap of the blue dollar today with the official exchange rate in the wholesale market about 74% remained already 67% compared to the average of retail.

Blue dollar today: How does the market see the currency by the end of the year?

financial dollars

The financial dollars exceed $200. In that sense, the dollar counted with settlement (CCL) it was selling for $208.61. Meanwhile, the MEP dollar or Stock Exchange quote to $205.69 seller.

official retail dollar

The average retail dollar is sold in various exchange houses, increased to $122.32. With the addition of 30%, it reaches $159.02.

In parallel, the Official Retail Dollar, opens the day in $115.75 to buy and $121.75 to sell, on the screens of the Banco de la NaciĆ³n Argentina (BNA).

Savings: what are the requirements to access the solidarity dollar

The solidarity dollarwith the tax recharge, it remains $200.04

The dollar wholesaler start the wheel on $116.55 to buy and $116.75 seller.

How much is the euro trading today May 10

The euro opens the day in $120.50 buyer and $127.50 seller.


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