Blue dollar today: how much did the currency price close this Tuesday, May 10

The blue dollar had no changes in the day and quoted at $198 to buy and $202 to sell at the close of this Tuesday, May 10. In this way, the parallel remains slightly above $200.

The Blue dollar gap today with the official exchange rate in the wholesale market about 75.4% remained already 67% compared to the average of retail.

Blue dollar today: How does the market see the currency by the end of the year?

financial dollars

The financial dollars were operating on the rise and were approaching $210. In that sense, the dollar counted with settlement (CCL), was selling for $209.19. Meanwhile, the Mep dollar or stock market advanced to the $206.30 seller.

official retail dollar

The average retail dollar is sold in various exchange houses, increased to $122.48. With the addition of 30% it reaches $159.22.

In parallel, the official retail dollar, rose 25 cents and closed the day $116 for the purchase and $122 for the sale, on the screens of Bank of the Argentine Nation (BNA).

The solidarity dollarwith the tax recharge, exceeded $ 200 to $201.30.

The wholesale dollar ended the wheel at $116.73 for the purchase and $116.93 for the seller. In this way, it registered an increase of 18 cents with respect to the previous closing.

Inflation in sight, scarce dollars

How much is the euro trading on May 10

The European currency ended the day in 120.50 buyer and 127.50 seller.

How the dollar is quoted in the various banks

The dollar is quoted in the different banks as follows this Monday, May 9:

  • National Bank: $116 buyer and $122 seller
  • city ​​Bank: $116 buyer and $122 seller
  • Bank province: $116 buyer and $122 seller
  • Hipotecary Banc. $116.30 buyer and $122.40 seller
  • Santander Bank: $114, 98 buyer and $122.23 seller
  • Galicia Bank: $115.60 buyer and $122.60 seller
  • BBVA Bank: $116.03 buyer and $122.71 seller

The Central Bank asks for the time, greens are missing

Risk country

The risk country It grew 0.30% and accumulates four days above 1,800 basic points. After 3:00 p.m., the index prepared by the consulting firm JP Morgan stood at 1,852 bp.


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