BNXT LEAGUE.  Telenet Giants Antwerp does not finish against Bergen, outgoing referee Krehic goes wrong


Telenet Giants Antwerp is not yet certain of a place in the semi-finals of the play-offs. After all, the second game of the quarterfinals resulted in a defeat in Mons after a nail-biter in the mons.arena. The third game will be played in the Lotto Arena on Saturday. This already at 12 noon and because the Lotto Arena is not free in the evening. The Giants asked to move the game to Sunday-evening. The Pro League, for whatever ridiculous reason, gave no permission for that. So on Saturday afternoon around 2 pm we will know whether Telenet Giants Antwerp or Bergen will be the opponent of Ostend in the semifinals.

Patrick Ceulemans

Despite a dubious leadership from referee Samir Krehic, who will step down as referee after this season, the Giants dominated the entire first half. This was mainly due to a three-pointer Matt Tiby. The American power forward was the driving force behind the 5-9 and 14-18 Antwerp bonus after the first quarter. With also Jaylen Hands, Jean-Marc Mwema and a three-pointer from Quinten Smout, the Sinjoren were also boss in the second slide. After a 23-33 lead, the Sinjoren were sitting on roses. At the end of the first half, the nonchalance crept into the ranks and the Hainaut team received a nice boost from referee Samir Krehic. Bergen did not need more to unpack via Marcus Tyus with a remonte: 36-38. Matt Tiby took care of the 36-41 Antwerp bonus halfway with a bomb.

Bergen showed some resilience in the second half, but Telenet Giant Antwerp forgot to push through despite poor arbitration. That meant that the Hainaut took the lead via Muhamed Pasalic after 41-44 at 56-55. In a mad end of the game, Telenet Giants Antwerp again took command: 61-63. Marcus Tyus, however, made it 64-64 and an extension was in order.

Bergen was a bit better in overtime and pushed through Muhamed Pasalic and Patyon Henson through and after 69-64 and 75-71 to win. The Giants have to put a hand into their own bosom, but can also point to the arbitration and especially to that of “crew chief” Samir Krehic. After all, every dubious “call” was in Bergen’s favour.

Bergen-Telenet Giants Antwerp 77-73 (after extra time)

MOUNTAINS: Neri 8, Cage 0, Mintogo 5, Mortant 9, Nzekwesi 12, Pasalic 16, Penava 2, Tyus 14, Henson 11

TELENET GIANTS ANTWERP: Smout 6, Tiby 14, Van Den Eynde 6, N. De Ridder 4, Rogiers 3, Hands19 , Krutwig 4, Mwema 10, Donkor 7

QUARTZ: 14-18, 22-23, 13-10, 15-13, 13-9

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