Boat crash: they released the drunken driver who caused the tragedy

The Justice decided to free the driver who was drunk his boat collided with another boat in San Fernando and caused the death of two workers.

He had been arrested on Thursday night, moments after the brutal crash after he gave a positive breathalyzer test with 1.92 grams of alcohol in blood. The same thing happened with his companion, who it also showed positive, with 1.90.

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The state of drunkenness of the two people could later be verified with the viralization of a video that was broadcast TN. There you can clearly see the uncorking of champagne bottles by a man in black glasses with a brown and white striped sweatshirt who identified himself as the driver of the sports boat. The celebration of a birthday was the moment before the fatal accident.

The accident that occurred around 8:00 p.m. last Thursday left the death of two people. They were two workers who came from carrying out tasks on one of the Delta islands. Two other people were traveling in the small boat who could be rescued that same night.

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The fatal victims, found by the team of tactical divers from the Naval Prefecture almost 15 hours after the crash, were identified as Martin Daniel Castro (33) and Sergio Daniel Duarte (30). They were the brother and partner, respectively, of Claudia Verónica Castro (35), one of the two people injured along with Sixto Quiroga, 29, who were taken by ambulance to the Petrona V de Cordero Hospital.

The collision of the boats took place in front of the Canal San Fernando when the largest vessel, which was circulating on the Luján River, passed over the smaller one and split it in half.

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