Boat rides through the lagoons: two destinations with the best sunsets in the Province
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It is a destination totally agroecological where the nature shows full splendor. Go for a walk or ride a bike recharges the body with a different air and enables a full rest. Local gastronomic products highlight flavors and nutritional quality.

Guamini 3.jpg

Guamini Municipality

“Cochicó lends itself to a very good fishing all yearwhich highlights the big silversides Y boat rides for different ages and experiences. At present, we have an advanced project on bird watching on the island of birds, which is going to be very new,” he said. Dante Latiganfishing guide in the area.

Guaminí went from having 100 cultivated hectares without agrochemicals or transgenics in 2014, to five thousand hectares today. The town regulated toxic fumigation in populated areas to implement this model that promotes care for health and the environment.

Guamini 2.jpg

Guamini Municipality

Undoubtedly the island the sistinain the middle of the lake mirror of the Mountainproposes to contemplate one of the best sunsets in the provincespot a great diversity of birds, native and exotic fauna; and discover the room built on the spot.

“Our service is all inclusive with full board, drinks, gastronomy of excellence, exclusivity, tranquility and tourist activities: photographic safaris, kayaking, biking, fishing, water sports”, he detailed John Emilio Vitali, in charge of the venture for 12 years. It is accessed through a boat ride for ten minutes.


Guamini Municipality

Total disconnection on the way to the sea

On RN2the natural benefits of chascomús transport people to a state of relaxation and contact with primary emotions. Its lagoon, the larger of the Chained of the Salty river with a surface area of ​​3,000 hectares, it is a distinctive element of the pampas ecoregionideal for the pejerrey and tararira fishing.

The typical landscape of grassland and wetlands works like flood control, replacement groundwater, stabilization of coasts, retention Y export of sediments and nutrients, depuration of the waters and reservoir of biodiversity.

chascomús 5.jpeg

Chascomus Municipality

The lots of aquatic vegetation favors the presence of a rich birdlife such as coots, black-necked swans, herons and many others that feed on fish.

“The Fisherman’s Wharf is the starting point. From the middle of the lagoon we can observe Incredible views of the city, its coast, its flora and its fauna, and while we sail we are accompanied by a procession of wonderful seagulls who pose for the photos,” he said. john merloof the boat Victoriousthe only company authorized for boat rides.

Chascomús 4.jpeg

Chascomus Municipality

The boat has the capacity to five people and is equipped with echo sounder, vhf radio, handies, parasol parasol and regulatory life preservers.

The sunsets will remain engraved on the retinas of those who come to this Buenos Aires tourist destination because they are one of the trademarks of the Province.

chascomús 2.jpg

Chascomus Municipality

The happiness that produce these trips temper the spirit and promote healthy experiences for unplug from routine with captivating circuits that you can find in the ReCreo app.

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