Boca beat Barracas Central 2-0.

The triumph of Mouth by 2 to 0 to Central Barracks could have been broader, but the referee Fernando Espinoza annulled a goal for each of the teams with VAR intervention.

The first controversy came six minutes into the first half. The match was 1-0 in favor of Boca. Free kick from the left for the visitor, center, Gonzalo Paz combs it and Neri Bandiera converts the tie. The VAR automatically calls Fernando Espinoza. They mark him offside from the midfielder when Paz combs the ball. on repeat The touch of the visiting player is not clear.

Boca beat Barracas Central 2-0. (@BocaJrsOficial/)

The second intervention of VAR It was 36 minutes into the first half. Darius Benedetto He takes a ball that was buoyed on the edge of the area, finishes off and scores his second goal. Again the technology intervened and called Espinoza. The referee went to see the play on the screen. marked lack of Sebastian Villa in the previous play. An infraction that when seeing it again, leaves many doubts.

Var: The goal disallowed against Barracas Central

Var: Darío Benedetto’s disallowed goal

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