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Boca Juniors won a key game in his goal to get into the round of 16 of the Libertadores Cup. This Wednesday night, at the fearsome height of La Paz, Xeneize defeated Always Ready 1-0 and settled in Group E of the most important event on the continent. With this result he climbed to second place..

I also read: Boca was given a non-existent penalty against Always Ready in the Copa Libertadores

the encounter it was played at the Hernando Siles stadium, in La Paz, and was refereed by the Peruvian Kevin Ortega, who gave Boca a non-existent penalty. In fact, the only goal of the game was scored by Edward Salvio that way, 36 minutes into the first half.

During the visit it was expelled Mauricio Cortes at 40 minutes into the second half, for kicking Fabra and Campuzano.

The group is led by Corinthians, from Brazil, with seven points; Boca is then located with six, Deportivo Cali from Colombia with five and Always Ready from Bolivia closes the zone with 4.

Salvio’s goal, from a penalty (Photo: Reuters).

At the same time that Always Ready and Boca met in Bolivia, Deportivo Cali and Corinthians played in Colombia, with Uruguayan Andrés Cunha arbitrating: It was a 0-0 tie.

Boca was charged with a non-existent penalty (Photo: EFE).

Boca was left with a key victory in La Paz

The Xeneize had entered a dangerous ground with the defeats in Cali and San Pablo, because he was with only one victory and for that reason it was imperative that he get a positive result so as not to complicate himself even more. And he did it this Wednesday in La Paz, to add three fundamental points.

After playing in Bolivia, the team led by Sebastián Battaglia will face on Tuesday, May 17, Corinthians and on Thursday, May 26 at Deportivo Caliboth meetings in La Bombonera.

Copa Libertadores standings table

Cascini and Boca’s intern: I support Battaglia, the fight in Brazil and why Riquelme “is crazy”

Boca Juniors a crucial game is played tonight against alwaysready by Libertadores Cup. The team of Sebastian Battaglia He will go for three points that will guide his way to the next phase. However, there is one person who cannot be with the campus: Raul Cascini. El Mosquito, a member of the Football Council, still cannot travel with the delegation due to the two-year suspension he received from Conmebol after that memorable fight at the Atlético Mineiro stadium.

In Buenos Aires, Cascini visited the studios of ESPN, the place where he knew how to act as a panelist for several years before assuming his new role at Xeneize. In that living room, in which he was criticized so many times after he left, he sat down with his former classmates to talk about the Boca Juniors news. The continuity of Battaglia, the role that Juan Román Riquelme has and the pressure of winning the Copa Libertadores were some of the topics that he reviewed.

The team’s need to improve

“I don’t notice that the people of Boca are impatient. We know we have to improve, the coaching staff knows it, the players know it, we know it. We have the facility to do it. We have had many injuries. We have had problems. In the objectives that lie ahead we are in all of them. It seems that Boca is last or did not qualify and is second. In the Copa Libertadores we have chances and in the Copa Argentina we are on the way”.

(Photo: Instagram Raúl Cascini).

“In these last two games, when Sebastián was able to put together more completely what he wants, something was seen, something is beginning to be seen. He has a very good squad, perhaps in this last game he was able to put together the midfield that he considers, today the rhythm of players like Benedetto or Romero is higher. Little by little the team is seeing each other. In these last two dates Boca played better”.

Support for Sebastian Battaglia

“We are very satisfied with Battaglia’s work, we chose him for this project. We are never going to talk to another coach as long as we have one at the club. This does not mean that we do not have Plan B, only that we work in a different way. We respect the person who is working. Battaglia for now is not in doubt. We want you to stay with us for life. We are not thinking of the worst. We think of the best, we are positive, we talk a lot with him. We were all partners, the talks are very fluid. It’s very nice what you live in the club “.

The day Battaglia’s continuity hung by a thread

We weren’t expecting him to say he was leaving. Just work quietly. We are very sure that Sebastián is our coach today”.

“Roman is crazy”

“We have a boss who is completely crazy like Roman. He drives us crazy all day. It is one thing to have him as a friend and another as a boss. He is very demanding, he is there all day, he stays on the farm at 3 or 4 in the morning. In these two and a half years we sleep very little, but it is what we like”.

The day Riquelme went down to the bus squad after a loss to Gimnasia

“It wasn’t a mistake, Roman wanted to talk to the squad, encourage them. There was no problem. Later it was clarified (with the DT), Sebastian was well told about the moment when it was decided to do that and everything was normal. Roman wanted to talk to the boys and so it was done. The players agreed to go downstairs and talk. It can be good or bad, it depends from where it is taken. It was discussed, things were cleared up in the locker room and nothing more. It was a harangue from Roman and the boys were happy, nothing more. They left very satisfied with what Román transmitted to them”.

The episode with Atlético Mineiro

I feel sorry for what happened. I have talked about it with the people who had to talk about it, then decisions were made. I am not going to justify anything, but the moments also have to be lived. It was very hard to be eliminated the way we were in both games. I apologized to who had to do it. We have all made mistakes in life and the important thing is to accept it. It was a difficult event, we were there with Miguel (Russo) and the referee just passed. Then things happened with the security people. I’m suspended for two years, I can’t enter Conmebol matches or on Boca’s pitch or anywhere. It hurts me, at this moment I would like to be with the players and the coaching staff”.

The relationship with Carlos Tevez: “In Boca we let him do what he wants”

“I never spoke (after he left), I was very close to him. Perhaps the relationship is damaged. Nothing happened to me, I was with another function and he was as a player. I have no problem going for coffee with him. I didn’t have it either when he was at the club. We haven’t fought. We always treat him wonderfully, we let him do what he wants. In fact, he had a contract and he left six months before. We accept it.”

He does not want to be DT again

“I ran Los Andes. Then I discarded it, I didn’t want to direct anymore. It’s not that I didn’t like it, I waited to see if something more interesting came along. He didn’t come and I dedicated myself to something else.

The pressure to win the Copa Libertadores

“Everything that is played in Boca has to be won, that is transmitted from the smallest to the largest. The Cup is a goal that we have, the most beautiful of all. It is not that we want to win it to win the next elections, nor do we think about that. We want to compete and we want to win it”.

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