Edinson Cavani's post as he decides whether to accept Boca's offer.

Boca Juniorsto walk wobbly in the Professional Soccer League (LPF), receives Platense tonight in a match valid for date 12. Xeneize will try to recover its best version, the one it showed during the first semester when it was champion of the domestic tournament, to thus calm a turbulent present.

The match is played in the bombonerais refereed by Yael Falcón Pérez, with Jorge Baliño in charge of the VAR, and televised by signal ESPN.

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Boca has 15 points after having won five games and lost six, the last one with a tough win in Paraná against Patronato (3-0), result that deepened a negative series which began with the elimination of the Copa Libertadores at the hands of Corinthians, then followed by the dismissal of DT Sebastián Battaglia and later the traumatic departure of captain Carlos Izquierdoz.

In the midst of such a situation, there was a strong short circuit with Agustín Rossiwho for the moment has not reached an agreement to renew his contract.

Opposite will be Platense, who has 18 points (seven less than the leader Atlético Tucumán) and barely lost a game, the classic with Tigre (3-0), although they tied too much, six times, the last one on the last date without goals in Vicente López with Barracas Central.

Óscar Romero’s goal from a free kick

Óscar Romero hit a fantastic shot 12 minutes into the first half to convert the first goal of the match between Boca and Platense.

Óscar Romero’s great goal (Photo: Télam).

Boca’s second goal, again by Óscar Romero

When the first half was over, Óscar Romero, who had opened the scoring with a great goal from a free kick, headed in and made it 2-0 for Boca.

Boca’s second goal, again by Óscar Romero (Photo: Fotobaires)

Posters, ovation and support: the warm welcome from Boca fans for Agustín Rossi

Between the Boca Football Council -headed by Juan Román Riquelme- and Agustín Rossi there are profound differences. The renewal of the goalkeeper’s contract, which expires in the middle of next year, brought to light a tense situation. Situation that left the fans in an uncomfortable place, since they are witnesses of public criticism from one side and the other.

Jorge Love Ameal I speak in Radio The Network during the week and it was arsonist with Rossi, who did not reach an agreement with the Football Council to renew his contract. In fact, the president of Xeneize assured that the salary that the goalkeeper intends to earn could bankrupt the club. Those words went down very badly in the archer’s inner circle. And a scandal broke out

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This Saturday night, in the match between Boca and Platense at La Bombonera, fans gave Rossi a warm welcomewhich was naturally affected by what happened in the last few hours.

The warm welcome from Boca fans for Agustín Rossi (Photo: ESPN-Télam).

Some they carried posters to request the continuity of the goalkeeper, others applauded him when he came out onto the field of play and a group even sang “Rossi is from Boca, from Boca he is not leaving.”

Boca-Platense: formations

Boca Juniors: Agustin Rossi; Luis Advíncula, Carlos Zambrano, Facundo Roncaglia, Agustín Sández; Guillermo “Pol” Fernandez, Alan Varela, Juan Ramirez; Oscar Romero, Luis Vazquez and Sebastian Villa. SD: Hugo Ibarra.

Platense: Mark Ledesma; Nicolás Morgantini, Juan Pablo Pignani, Ramiro González, Gastón Suso, Ayrton Costa; Carlos Villalba, Federico Gino, Vicente Taborda; Horacio Tijanovich and Mauro Zarate. SD: Omar DeFelippe.

Referee: Yael Falcon Perez.

Basketball court: Boca Juniors.

start time: twenty-one.


Edinson Cavani’s post while defining whether to accept Boca’s offer: “Good morning”

That Edinson Cavani can reach Boca has been said since 2019 when, consulted then by River or “Xeneize” in the framework of his opinion of Argentine football, the Uruguayan said: “For me, Boca is a team that inspires. I like it”. The truth is that today, more than ever, that went from a baseless rumor to a possible announcement, since the striker evaluated the offer that the Argentine club sent him.

To show how Cavani goes through his days, it will suffice to replicate his post this Saturday at 7:39 am: a postcard of the first hours of sun in Salto, on the dirt roads that lead him to his field, where he usually shares most of his time with his family made up of his partner, Jocelyn Burgardt, their daughter, India Cavani, and the other two children that the striker had with his former wife, María Soledad Cabris, with whom he ended up on very bad terms.

“Good day”, He wrote about the country landscape and, how could it be otherwise, accompanied the story with the emoji of a mate.

Edinson Cavani’s post as he decides whether to accept Boca’s offer.

Chiquito Romero was at the Boca property and speculation about his possible arrival skyrocketed

The future of Agustín Rossi within Boca is unknown. The goalkeeper did not reach an agreement for the renewal of his contract, which expires in the middle of next year, and a scandal broke out between the parties. Although he will stop this Saturday against Platense, his continuity, in the midst of such a scenario, seems difficult.

That is why from the Football Council, with Juan Roman Riquelme at the head, they began to make inquiries for a goalkeeper in the event that Rossi does not continue. And one of the options presented is Sergio “Little” Romerowho is without a club while recovering from an injury.

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As if to further fuel that possibility, Romero was on Thursday at the Boca site in Ezeiza. What is not clear is why it was. Sources close to the club analyze two options: that went to hear a formal proposal from Riquelme to join the Xeneize or that he did it to thank you for the interest shown.

Chiquito Romero was at the Boca property (Photo: EFE).
Chiquito Romero was at the Boca property (Photo: EFE).

Romero, 35, was a coach at the Tita Mattiussi site of Racing Club, his soccer cradle, waiting to obtain a medical discharge, something that is already a fact.

Between Boca and Agustín Rossi there is a difference of 3 million dollars

The Rossi case has Boca again at the center of the controversy. While the goalkeeper assures that his contract is not up to his level and claims for that category, the Board of Directors and the “Xeneizes” Football Council assure that if they give the goalkeeper what he asks for, then the club would go bankrupt. Between one and the other there is nothing less than several million dollars difference.

What remains, however, is a new conflict between those who rule and those who play, with the fan as judge who, although tenuous, already sang that “Rossi is from Boca and Boca does not leave”but that on Saturday, in the match with Platense, promises to make the Bombonera thunder.

Agustín Rossi is less than a year away from being released from Boca.  (REUTERS/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)
Agustín Rossi is less than a year away from being released from Boca. (REUTERS/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

The numbers of the negotiation between Boca and Agustín Rossi:

  • Today, Agustín Rossi earns 1,500,000 pesos per month (for two years), which is 50 thousand dollars a year
  • Removing taxes, to renew Boca offered 7,000,000 to the official dollar (clean), about 11,000,000 gross (without withholdings) in four years
  • If Rossi does not accept, Boca will not sell him before the end of his contract unless they put the 18,000,000 dollars of his termination clause. The goalkeeper would also not be taken into account to play until his contract ends, as a “punishment” and, thus, he would be “hanged” until June 2023.

How much would Agustín Rossi earn if he accepts the offer made by Boca

  • 7 million clean dollars for four years
  • Per year: 1,750,000 million dollars
  • Per month: 145,833 thousand dollars
  • Per day: $4,861

What Agustín Rossi asked that, according to Boca, would break the club

According to Mouth, Agustín Rossi requested 16 million dollars gross (without retentions) for the following four years. With the tax deductions, he would have 11 million (clean) left. So how much would he earn out of pocket?

  • Per year: 2,750,000 million dollars
  • Per month: 229,166 million dollars
  • Per day: 7638 thousand dollars

The difference between what Agustín Rossi asks for and what Boca offers

  • 2,970,000 million dollars

When Agustín Rossi’s current contract expires in Boca

Agustin Rossi He has a contract in Boca until June 2023, but he will be able to start negotiating with another club as a free player from January 1, 2023.

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