Fabra defends and attacks;  this time, with a lot of criteria in both facets

The first goal of a midfielder in the season, for Boca. Great pass by Romero, definition by Ramírez, from the right. Boca not only defines it: it is right with the Battaglia change, so many times questioned long ago. All good in the Bombonera,

Ramírez’s entry by Salvio is understood from tactics and strategy: Defense went ahead a few meters and Boca does not want to lose the compass, beyond that the ball, now, shares it. There is suspense in the final part: the xeneize group does not finish it off and the Halcón, with little, almost nothing, advances.

The control of the game, sustained by Varela, is almost total. Defense does not react and Boca, with the support of its people, dominates at will the development. That yes: it does not define it. The result does not show the differences between them. Villa, Pol Fernández, Zambrano missed it… Anything negative? Benedetto does not complement himself in the best way with bold performers.

Defense and Justice comes out a little more, but has no clarity in the final meters. It seems like an overwhelmed team, although they try, they search. Boca finds more spaces and is closer to the second cry. Handle the times, with serenity.

Fabra defends and attacks; this time, with a lot of criteria in both facetsMauro Alfieri – THE NATION

Boca beat Defense and Justice 1-0, with a goal from Sebastián Villa. If the result is maintained, the xeneize team will play this Saturday against Racing, for the semifinals of the League Cup.

mouth was superioralmost at all times and comfortably wins -beyond the result- Defense and Justice. Explosive at times, with total control, the Ribera team dominates the game at will. Beccacece ordered a change before the 1-0: Loaiza entered instead of Hachen. There, in midfield, Boca was also the dominator.

A long shot by Fabra is converted by Villa into a goal chance. The Colombian takes the ball, feints, aims and shoots. The shot enters the near post: the feeling remains that Unsain could have done something more. Villa is Boca’s best performer.

As the minutes go by, Defense and Justice come out of confinement and try to play as equals. The show fell into a pit: Boca does not offer variants and the Halcón does not have depth. The good intentions of each other vanish when stepping on the area. Boca’s arrogance takes a breather.

Pol Fernandez converted for Boca, but the play is well annulled by technology, by a previous infringement by Villa, who is also reprimanded, for a very hard blow to Tripicchio. People get angry; After a while, he comes back to support the team.

Scene of the match between Boca Juniors and Defense and Justice for the Professional League Cup
Scene of the match between Boca Juniors and Defense and Justice for the Professional League CupMauro Alfieri – THE NATION

could have been expelled: In a counterattack, the Peruvian defender stopped Hachen with excessive physical rigor -and the elbow, as support in the resistance-. Andrés Merlos showed him the yellow card and the decision was not changed by the VAR. Minutes later, Advíncula plays to the limit, in a team that maintains its voracity. Mouth is superior.

The local team attacks by the bands, by surprise. Salvio, on the right, Villa, on the other sector. Benedetto, as classic number 9 and Romero, behind, as a kind of hitch. Pol Fernández is the brain and Varela, a 5 who tries to add fervor to his usual conceptual clarity. Boca became a leading team, excessively bold, when compared to its previous versions. It does not let Defense think, the control is almost total.

Romero intercepted Hachen and the ball, as a result of the pressure, drifted into Salvio. The striker, spicy, launched from a distance a very strong shot, which Unsain took. Boca is a permanent danger: after a while, a header from Zambrano hit the post, although the goalkeeper also had a decisive participation. Boca manages the times and the ball, Defense can’t get out.

With two risky proposals -three forwards and a liaison-, Boca faces Defense and Justice, at La Bombonera, with the illusion of reaching the semifinals, scheduled for this Saturday, at the Lanús stadium. If they tie in the 90 minutes, there will be penalties. La Bombonera, festive, as in the great galas.

Benedetto and Advíncula, warming up
Benedetto and Advíncula, warming upMauro Alfieri – THE NATION

With Salvio-Benedetto-Villa As an attacking formula, Battaglia defined Boca’s starters, in the decisive match against Defense and Justice. The intention is to be dangerous and sharp from the start. Varela remains as number 5 and Romero, as a sort of hitch. It is a bold formation, a symbol of the xeneize transformation of the last days.

At the end, Charles Rotondi, one of the figures of Defense and Justice, will be the headline. He has an injury to his left shoulder, the product of a strong clash in the 1-0 against Patronato, but his ascendancy and the importance of the opponent led him to this decisive match. The Falcon plays with the best he has.

With optimism and the support of the public, which attends the stadium in a massive way, Boca arrived at the Bombonera. The xeneize group overcame some setbacks -in results and performance- and found your best version in recent weeks, launched in the local tournament and with the hope of qualifying for the round of 16 in the Copa Libertadores.

The winner of the clash that is played in the Bombonera will be measured with Racing, which won 5-0 on Aldosivi, from Mar del Plata. Avellaneda’s team prevailed with goals from Alcaraz and Copetti, both on two occasions and Correa. Initially, the semifinals will be played this Saturday, at 6:30 p.m., at the Lanús stadium.

Salvio and Villa, before the match, during the warm-up
Salvio and Villa, before the match, during the warm-upMauro Alfieri – THE NATION

In the second match for the quarterfinals of the League Cup, Boca, the team he leads Sebastian Battagliareceives Defense and Justice at the Bombonera, the group that leads Sebastian Beccacece. The xeneizes finished second in Zone 2, behind Estudiantes, while Halcón was third in Zone 1. In case of equality after 90 minutes, the tie will be resolved by penalties.

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