Villa is always a reference

Win, lose, win, lose. In the Bombonera, under the warmth of its people, mouth wins. He was able to score goals and was left with the same feeling as in much of the year: when he is about to fly, he falls. The 2-1 victory against Platense is a timid clean and jerk, with Oscar Romero in Messi mode.

“The plus of the people playing in the Bombonera. It’s a plus, it’s something extra. We have to maintain the same visitor concentration. We are working to be a more complete team”, says the Paraguayan after the game.

It is an almost impossible mission. How to determine the degree of interference of the usual internal conflicts in soccer performance? In theory, they influence, because the footballer is not a machine, he suffers, he has fun, he gets angry. In practice, of course, each one plays the game in his own way. Sometimes he puffs out his chest more than usual. Sometimes, it shrinks to an inexplicable limit. Hypotheses, arrivals, departures, phrases, controversies, complicities: the Boca World, in recent long months, represents a dangerous variable in management. From top to bottom, from the leadership to the last link.

Villa is always a referenceMauro Alferi

In this framework, surrounded by absences (some are no longer, such as Salvio, Izquierdoz, others are recovering from discomfort, such as Benedetto and Rojo), Boca is an indecipherable formation. Bold and winning at home, in the Bombonera (does the public’s encouragement have something to do with it?), disoriented and defeated as a visitor (does the shouting against it have something to do with it?), it comes and goes, advances and retreats.

An ordeal against San Lorenzo, an advance with Talleres. An ordeal with Argentinos, an advance with Estudiantes. The worst version against Patronato, a convincing image against Platense. It is no longer about the relative power of the rivals: Boca adds and subtracts against teams that are usually below their carats, above all, in the hierarchy of their interpreters. It fails there, it prevails here. He feels sheltered, from the first song by Agustin Rossi (there is no doubt that, for fans, the goalkeeper is more than just a symbol of battle) until the last ball stolen by Varela, the young man with the best appearance in recent times. The 21-year-old midfielder received the captain’s belt from Pol Fernández, when he was replaced by Payero. Quite a symbol.

Riquelme, with mate, in the box, as always, in the Bombonera
Riquelme, with mate, in the box, as always, in the BomboneraMauro Alferi

With Hugo Ibarra as interim coach (at least until the end of 2022), without the Copa Libertadores and far from the top positions in the local tournament, nothing better than being back from low, with sacrifice, humility, work, while the versions and denials continue , Cavani’s hypothesis and the palpable and exaggerated quarrels. In his house, in Ribera, in front of his people, Boca perspires his shirt, runs more and better, makes his leg stronger, assumes another commitment, the doses that are impregnated in his DNA.

Surely, that recharged xeneize dose represents much more than the quality shown by Oscar Romero, lying on the right side, explosive as ever. A free kick, from a tight angle, went straight into the corner, cleared the suspense too quickly. A tribute, from a distance, to Leo Messi, with his left foot as a reason for unity. The Paraguayan, with a good punch and relative creative continuity, must take note that he can be essential, not only in this type of cabotage match. It is a personal decision.

Without dazzling, Boca was the exclusive owner of the night, relegating Platense to a tiny version. There were almost no equivalences, from start to finish. Neither Zárate, nor the youngsters: Vicente López’s team fell into the trap in each of their decisions. Withering Blast Instrument, Villa is an uncontrollable piece when his effervescence rises. As in the end of the first chapter, a feint, the center and the assistance to Romero, in the scoring version of him. Head butt, pique to the floor. Quite a curiosity in the Paraguayan’s repertoire, which during his time in San Lorenzo provoked more debate than answers.

The people, always present at the Bombonera and with messages
The people, always present at the Bombonera and with messagesTŽlam

Boca was about to score: the table was served on a tray. Platense was supported by Ledesma, the goalkeeper. Suddenly, an inspiration from Taborda and a series of Xeneizes defensive doubts allowed Morgantini to solve the discount.

What followed was a show marked by suspense, with no natural candidates. Because Mouth quickly deflated (He has a glass jaw, even when he dominates the ring in each of the four corners) and because Platense did not take the necessary energy, convinced that in the art of boxing, one hand can change everything.

The ball was xeneize; spaces, squid. The minimum distance on the scoreboard did the rest, especially with a more subdued Boca, with low averages, sustained by Villa’s outbursts, quick and creator of their own plays. The Colombian does not need a structure that contains him, like almost all of his teammates: he takes the ball and goes, against everyone. Sometimes against himself.

In the end, González was expelled, who put together a stir of aggressions and threats, already when soccer had gone into retirement.

Classification to the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana 2023

Argentina has six places for the Copa Libertadores 2023. Boca has already obtained the first ticket for having won the Professional League Cup. The champion of the 2022 Tournament will qualify directly. The same will be achieved by the team that wins the Argentine Cup. The remaining places will be obtained by the first three teams in the annual general table, which includes the points obtained in the group stage of the LPF Cup (13 games) and the 2021 tournament (total: 40 games). In this case, the third team will access the Repechage of the Cup.

Meanwhile, another six teams will go to the South American 2023, which will come out of that same general table and will be the six located after those classified for the Copa Libertadores. If a team already classified by another instance is repeated, the place will be for the next group of this same table.

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