A repeated image: Boca sadly leaves the field

Boca lost to Argentinos 2-0 and deepened its internal and football problems. In the Paternal, in an erratic task (started with four strikers, ended up throwing balls without destination), the team now led by Hugo Ibarra had a disappointing performance against Bicho, one of the leaders of the Professional League, along the same lines as Atletico Tucuman. Marcos Rojo and Carlos Zambrano could have been expelled: the VAR ignored their excesses.

An elbow by Zambrano against Reniero results in a yellow card, the VAR does not intervene. The red card is a rapidly fading hypothesis. Tension, nervousness takes over the scene. The striker fights more than he plays, but he is one of the most valuable Argentines. He leaves to applause.

A repeated image: Boca sadly leaves the fieldMauro Alfieri – THE NATION

The minutes go by and Boca wants to, but cannot. Argentinos manages the scenario psychologically, although it attacks less, far from pretending to define development. Benedetto and Ramírez enter the general disorder. The number 9 is not in physical (or mental) fullness, but it is always a weighty card. In the first action he plays, he tries a pirouette without success, in the rival area.

A header from Rojo, at the limit of the off side, represents a warning to Boca, which attacks as best it can. Ibarra has a change: a 10 for a 9. Oscar Romero, instead of Orsini, who still does not stand out in the Ribera team. Actually, the whole structure is erratic, but the number 9 has been marked for several months. Sandez by Fabra, another change that provokes maximum attention.

The forwards can’t find the ball, the midfielders search, they try, but they get frustrated. Argentines suffocate Boca, who cannot advance with criteria. Zeballos is the hope. The local team is stopped from counterattack, more willing to define the game with speed and cunning, over possession.

Rojo, a regular protagonist in Argentine football, beyond the game
Rojo, a regular protagonist in Argentine football, beyond the gameMauro Alfieri – THE NATION

Interestingly, Ibarra does not decide changes, despite the lackluster xeneize task in all its lines. Argentinians win very well, from the game and with Vera’s class (a 5 who plays out of 10). A great goal and the stopped ball, the keys.

Argentinians win 2-0, they play better, it’s fair. However, in the last minutes of the first chapter, Boca shows that they are in the race, they are in the game, with some bursts from Villa and Zeballos. A shot from Orsini is resolved by Lanzillota. Boca attacks little and badly, beyond the four attackers.

Free kick by Carabajal, header by Verón. What is striking is that the Argentinian player wins without setbacks in the air, with weak marks and Rossi halfway.

Ibarra had four forwards. However, Boca attacks little and poorly. Zeballos is a kind of 8 forward, Orsini is more reclined to the right, Vázquez plays as a center forward and Villa runs through the other sector. However, he advances in the confusion, they bump into each other. Attack in the mess. Argentinos complicates it, it does not offer him spaces.

Carabajal, an undervalued crack in our environment, threatens Campuzano and takes a shot from about 25 meters. Rossi flies, but his intention is sterile: great goal from Argentinos, in a tough, even game, under pure pressure.

Marcos Rojo commits an infraction against Reniero (he extends his arm and hits him near the ear, in a violent attitude that could have been intervened by the VAR), but Rapallini does not even charge an infraction. The Prince gets up, with obvious signs of dizziness. The judge is having technical problems with the intercom.

Zambrano, with more doubts than certainties in the last line xeneize
Zambrano, with more doubts than certainties in the last line xeneizeMauro Alfieri – THE NATION

Argentines attack, Boca responds. It’s a good show, with nuances, without much elaboration, more vertigo than associations. Boca’s four forwards must meet, without covering themselves, far from fulfilling a similar function. Vázquez and Orsini play on the same page.

Boca, with the usual urgencies and Argentinos, with the illusion of reaching Atlético Tucumán, at the top of the competition, play a clash that promises intensity. At 30 seconds, Orsini scored a goal… disallowed for offside.

Without surprises, as planned, Ibarra and Milito defined the teams for tonight’s clash in the Paternal. Argentinos have the return of Torrén, while Boca is leaning towards four forwards, although Zeballos and Villa will act a little further back, on the flanks.

the juvenile Luis Vazquez can play tonight for the last time with the Boca shirt. Bruggefrom Belgium, bettered the initial offer of $10,000,000 and the sale would be defined in the next few days. The xeneize club has 70% of the pass and Board of Trustees owns the rest. The exit clause in Vázquez’s contract is 15 million, but the transfer would be made for less than that.

Benedetto and Oscar Romero, on the substitute bench
Benedetto and Oscar Romero, on the substitute benchMauro Alfieri – THE NATION

Argentines know how to take advantage of the locality, since he is undefeated in his stadium, with three wins and one draw; in the year he lost only one game in La Paternal (0-1 vs. Defense and Justice). The defender and captain return to ownership Miguel Torren, who was sent off against Tigre. Boca tied the last two times Diego Armando Maradona visited: 0-0 in 2019 and 2-2 in 2021. And the last blue and gold victory came in September 2018, when they won 1-0 with a goal from marginalized today Carlos Izquierdoz.

Gabriel Milito generates enthusiasm at the head of Argentinos, leader of the Professional League at the close of the previous date.
Gabriel Milito generates enthusiasm at the head of Argentinos, leader of the Professional League at the close of the previous date.Telam

The xeneize team introduces itself without Darío Benedetto, absent due to injuryand with a new tactical scheme. After Saturday’s 1-0 win at La Bombonera against Talleres, Ibarra changed the scheme to a 4-1-3-2, with the attackers Exequiel Zeballos Y Sebastian Villa down the flanks to assist the centre-forwards Nicholas Orsini Y Luis Vazquez. Jorman Campuzano replaces the beaten Alan Varela. Óscar Romero and Juan Ramírez were also left out of the team, in addition to Benedetto, who was at the center of criticism for having missed two penalties against Corinthians and one against Talleres.

Welcome to the live coverage of the game that will be played from the 21.30 in the Parental Mouthwho has just achieved the first victory of Hugo Ibarra’s cycle as coach (1-0 over Talleres), will visit this Tuesday Argentinesone of the surprises of the Professional Soccer League, for the ninth date. He will face arbitration fernando rapallini and television of ESPN Premium; Diego Abal and Ezequiel Brailovsky will be in charge of the VAR.

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